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The Whole Truth about British Women

💋 Female Population 34,5m
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💍 Average Age of Marriage 36 y.o.
👼🏻 Average Fertility Rate 1,5
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Every woman on the planet is unique, and British women don’t make an exception. They show themselves differently in communication. But the cultural factor still has its influence. What interesting things do the girls from England have in store for you? Find out from this guide!

Appearance, Character, And Lifestyle of Women in Britain

Many men have the wrong opinion about British women. In the following, we have put together a summary that shows the general state of affairs. But there are exceptions!


The girls who live in Britain are very different in appearance. They may experiment with style, do different hairstyles, and try different looks. However, there are common features that set them apart.

British women’s faces are more likely to have an oval, elongated form than a round one. Their facial features are refined. They have aristocratic noses and delicate pink small lips.

Their eyes are very beautiful: expressive and deep-set. Most British girls have light, pleasant blue and green shades, but brown-eyed girls are common.

The most common natural hair color for girls in England is brown. They usually contrast with their skin as it is very delicate and light-colored. This is so because of the climate in the country. British women do not have a strong tan as they simply do not have the opportunity to sunbathe. Their skin has a pinkish tint.


Foreigners have always been attracted to the character of British girls. They are very interesting and unusual.

  • These girls follow traditions. The ladies here are very appreciative of traditions, among them family and cultural ones. This does not take away their modern outlook on life, but it makes them interesting. For example, British women can cook Sunday lunches, take tea breaks and follow family traditions.
  • British women use their independence. Girls in this country can take care of themselves without a partner and many of them are focused on their careers. This makes them independent, interesting individuals in their path.
  • These ladies are very polite. They are not rude, they are not reserved, they do not behave strangely and they never embarrass themselves in public. This gives them a special charm. It’s always nice to just chat about the weather with them, and they don’t allow for awkward pauses.
  • Women in Britain are intelligent. Education plays a very important role in the development of these girls. Their country is known for its universities, and British women spend a lot of time on vocational skills. They often work in their professions and also develop their personal qualities.
  • They don’t live for show-offs. These girls are not pompous, they don’t like to brag or complain. They are focused on their lives and don’t want to prove anything to others. They are also moderate in everything around them, rarely going to extremes.

British women stereotypes

There are terrible things that some people think are true, but have nothing to do with reality:

  • Girls here have bad teeth. This has nothing to do with their country of origin and is not true.
  • They don’t wear make-up. Bright and unusual make-up is not common, and girls prefer natural beauty. But they use beautiful nude make-up that charms men.
  • They always look like ladies. That’s what you might think when looking at the royal family, but the style can be different.
  • British women are unemotional. Among these women, it is simply not customary to express their emotions too vividly.

Most stereotypes disappear when you start interacting with a British woman, but it’s better to get rid of them before you do.

British women: some fascinating statistics

Eloquent facts will tell you more about these ladies:

  • 78% of jobs in health and social work are held by women.
  • As of 2020, 16% of employers in small and medium-sized private enterprises were women.
  • As of 2019, 57.1% of students in HEIs were women.
  • In the UK, more often than in other countries, the country’s leader was a woman.
  • 74% of women in Britain in 2021 agreed that more needs to be done to achieve gender equality.

What makes them different from other European women?

Britain is an important part of Europe and it is a secluded island nation. Girls here differ from other European women in their mentality.

  • British women are more traditional than other European women. Women in this country value tradition more. The most important holiday here is Christmas. It is customary among girls to have family dinners, to go to brunch, and to drink tea on any occasion.
  • British women are more polite than other European women. Say, in Holland or Denmark, a girl can say straight out what she doesn’t like without politely framing the offer. A British girl will of course express her displeasure, but she will do it more politely and delicately.
  • British women do not express their emotions strongly. If you compare them with Southern Europeans, British girls seem mysterious and even cold sometimes. Their culture is different. Girls in England are more reserved and less expressive.
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Is a British Woman a Good Wife?

They are indeed very good wives and caring mothers. So she never takes it lightly. How exactly does she prove themselves in marriage?

  • She is a reliable friend to her husband. This woman knows how to be supportive. British women are lenient to their partner’s mistakes, able to listen to him and say words of comfort at the right moment. A man can always share his worries with them, they never sneer at it.
  • She is rational. British wives don’t just spend money they know how to save. So your wife will buy only what she needs. Also, most of the girls here work and contribute to the family budget.
  • She treats her children with respect. There isn’t a woman that shouts at children. She considers them as individuals, she is very respectful and supportive of them. That is why there is always a pleasant and relaxed atmosphere at home with a British wife, without any nerves or scandals with the children.
  • She is hospitable and welcoming. She will never allow your family to be thought badly of. She will make or order the tastiest dinner themselves and gives all guests the attention they deserve.

Where to Meet British Women in Britain?

The first thing that comes to mind when you think about meeting a girl from Britain is to visit London. But it’s not the best idea to find a local who would be happy to meet you. There are a lot of tourists and immigrants in London. To meet girls, you’ll have to look for little-known places and spend a lot of time there.

Meet British women in small towns is the easiest way to find your love. Small towns are home to girls who are not used to the attention of foreigners and are unfamiliar with the stress of too many tourists. You could, for example, take a walk in towns like this:

  • Bristol has a well-developed infrastructure, even on the outskirts there are many establishments where there are few tourists.
  • Leeds is a small town, with a lot of festivals in Millennium Square or Roundhay Park.
  • Kettering is a small, quiet town where you can walk through Wicksteed Park and meet the locals.
  • Luton is close to London and there are plenty of chances to meet girls before Christmas in the town square and markets.

Of course, you can also meet British girls in the big cities: London, Manchester, Liverpool, and Birmingham. To meet girls successfully, choose places where the pace of life is not fast. Central streets aren’t much of an option, but the suburbs with quiet restaurants and local pubs can help you find a companion.

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Where to Meet British Women Online?

You don’t have to complicate your life and go to another country, look for local pubs, and make an acquaintance right on the street. Many girls are wary of men who pay attention to them on the street. In that case, it is much better to meet them online.

On specialized dating sites, women register specifically for communication with foreigners. So it’s easy to strike up a conversation if you like the British lady’s profile. You won’t feel shy or uncomfortable, and you won’t have to spend hours searching for a woman you’d like to meet.

How to Impress a British Girl

It’s easy enough to make a good impression on a British girl if you are polite and pleasant. Here are things she will like:

  • Be polite. The words «please», «thank you», «could you», «would you», etc. make your communication the way she is used to and expects.
  • Allow her to be an equal partner. British ladies appreciate partnerships and like to write first and ask out too.
  • Learn her culture. At the very least you should know English well and not make fun of her accent if you can’t understand it.
  • Be socially active. Girls don’t like boring guys who have no hobbies or friends.

British women don’t have high expectations of men. She will probably like you much more if you remain yourself rather than trying to play the gentleman.

How to Date a British Girl: 5 Tips

Here are simple things to dating a British woman and make a relationship enjoyable for both of you:

  • Simple dating instead of flashy romance. Dramatic and overdramatic dates don’t appeal to British women.
  • Speak politely but directly. Don’t make the girl puzzle over what you mean. Always be honest.
  • Ask her opinion about different things and remember it. These girls are worth listening to.
  • Date only her. In Britain, it’s not customary to hang out with more than one person at a time, choosing between the best ones.
  • Don’t rush things. Don’t insist on intimacy, much less a quickie wedding, she needs time to see you for herself.

You have to keep an equal relationship with these girls. Don’t try to pay for her everywhere. You can offer to pay her part of the bill, but don’t insist on it. Girls here like to feel free and not obliged to anyone. That doesn’t mean they will date others, but they need privacy to feel good about themselves.

You don’t have to be too rich or pretty for dating a British girl. They value personality, upbringing, and level of intelligence. They like men who demonstrate reliability, can provide a quiet stable life, and have an opinion about things. So if you are one, that’s already enough for a successful relationship.

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Things to Avoid When Dating a British Girl

For dating British women, you have to avoid making mistakes they don’t like. Certain boundaries in the culture of these girls should not be crossed. Make sure you don’t do that.

  • Never be rude. Anything that can be taken the wrong way will be taken the wrong way. Don’t speak imperatively, make a suggestion rather than an order, otherwise, you will encounter ignorance.
  • Do not think in stereotypical terms. If she’s British, that doesn’t mean you have to take her to the tea shop or ask about her love of the royal family. That only irritates girls in this country.
  • Do not give expensive gifts. Especially at the beginning of a relationship. It will look as if you are trying to buy her off. Girls in Britain are rational, they prefer practical things to luxuries and they don’t like trinkets.

Marrying a British Woman: 3 Unusual Wedding Traditions

You might be interested to know about 3 native British wedding traditions.

The first tradition spread all over the world but originated in England. According to it, the bride must have 5 things:

  • something old: as a symbol of family and lineage;
  • something new: as a symbol of the new life of marriage;
  • something borrowed from friends: as a symbol of the continuation of their friendship;
  • something blue: this color symbolizes faith and loyalty;
  • a coin in the shoe: a symbol of financial stability.

There’s even a poem in England to help you remember something important at your wedding:

«Something old,

Something new,

Something borrowed,

Something blue

And a silver sixpence in her shoe.»

The second tradition is to jump over a bench or other obstacle as the bride and groom walk down the aisle. This is a symbol that they are overcoming the obstacles of life together.

Another third tradition is that the best man always makes the first toast at the banquet. As a rule, the best man writes his speech and reads it out at the beginning of the banquet.


How to know if a British girl likes you?

When dating British girls, it is easy to know that they like you. They will reciprocate and agree to meet you. Women in this country don’t play games. If British women think well of you, you will know it. In-person, British women will be smiling and sweet. These girls will always try to fill awkward silences. Also, if she likes you, she will probably try to take the initiative in the relationship herself.

Are British women religious?

59% of women in Britain (according to 2020 data) consider religion an important part of their lives. Usually, their faith is not fanatical and is limited to family trips to church on Sundays. Predominantly, the population of this country identifies itself as Christian.

What are the gender roles in Britain?

Gender roles in this country are now being equalized and are getting closer to equality between men and women. However, there are still many problems in society on this issue, and women are very interested in correcting them.

Are British women good in bed?

There is no reason to think that girls from this country are too modest, too shy, or have little interest in intimacy. They are open to experimentation, as long as it doesn’t go against their principles. So yes, they are good at it.

What fertility rate is there in Britain?

As of 2021, it is 1.61 children per woman. This means that there are many more families with more than one child than families with one child. Women only decide to have a baby when they are sure that they are financially secure.

Are British girls friendly to foreigners?

Girls in Britain often date foreigners because their country is full of tourists and emigrants. They relate well to men from other countries and are not stereotyped as them.

At what age does a British woman become a mother?

The average age of first-time mothers in 2020 was 29.1 years. The current trend is for this age to rise slowly, as many girls decide to have a baby later in life.

What hobbies are common among British women?

Many of them like to tend their gardens and have pets. It is also popular in England to play bingo and quizzes in local pubs.

What shouldn’t a British woman be asked?

These girls are diligent in guarding their private lives. This includes finances, ideological, political, and religious views as well as sexual topics. It is best not to ask or talk about this until you know the girl intimately.

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