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All You Should Know about Dating Serbian Women

💋 Female Population 3,5m
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💍 Average Age of Marriage 28 y.o.
👼🏻 Average Fertility Rate 1,5
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Serbia is a small country on the Balkan Peninsula, whose population was historically formed under the influence of the language and culture of the South Slavs. Serbian mentality was influenced by Celtic, ancient Greek, and ancient Roman civilizations and partially by Mediterranean traditions. There was also a Russian trace. As a result, a unique nation was formed with women whose attractiveness can compete with the world leaders of beauty standards.

What Are Serbian Women Like?

When looking for a foreign bride, men sometimes pay attention to Serbian women. They will be divided correctly because women of the heart have many qualities that inspire men to start a family with one of them.


Are Serbian women beautiful? Most men consider Serbian ladies to be cute and attractive due to the features of appearance characteristic of Serbian girls.

They are tall

Serbs are considered one of the tallest nations. The average height of a Serka woman is 167 centimeters, which is a lot for a woman. In addition, Serbian women can boast of long legs and luxurious figures, the parameters of which attract men.

They have bright facial features

In Serbia, the ideal facial beauty is big blue eyes and big lips. The ideal is also to be well-groomed – to have nails and hair. Hair color does not matter: blondes, brown-haired, and redheads can be found in Serbia.

They look feminine

Serbian women have a penchant for emphasizing their charms with their clothes, opting for plunging necklines, fitted styles, and short skirts. It is essential for them to express their feminine attractiveness with the help of clothes and accessories. Serbian women are also fond of heels and wear them even in bad weather.


Serbian women have a character as beautiful as their appearance, which allows them to have many friends both in their country and abroad.

They are open

Serbian women are open to new acquaintances and willingly communicate with different people. They usually very easily find a common language with people, regardless of age, gender, and nationality. Serbian girls are always at the center of attention of any company and feel good among other people.

They are emotional

Serbian women like to have fun; it is easy to make them laugh and cheer them up. Serbian women are emotional in the best sense of the word. They are not ashamed to show their true feelings.

They are true friends

Serbian women know how to make friends and always have people who want to call them friends. Serbian women are those people you can rely on in a difficult moment, and who will rejoice in success. If you are looking for a standard of female friendship, then these are Serbian girls.

They are brave

Yes, Serbian women can be called brave. It is about different life situations where you need to show courage. In them, Serbian beauties always present themselves in the best possible way.

They are honest

Another Serbian trait is honesty in dealing with people. A Serbian woman is as frank as possible with people and prefers to tell the truth, whatever it may be. Deceiving others is unacceptable for a Serbian woman.

Serbian Women Stereotypes

They are frivolous

Due to the appearance of Serbian ladies, one often gets the impression that these girls are quite frivolous and willing to flirt with everyone. This is not so – Serbian women are modest at heart, always faithful to their second half, and they wear revealing clothes only for beauty or their husbands.

 They are impregnable

Due to the overly flawless appearance of Serbian women, some may have the impression that these beauties have too high demands on others – because they are so perfect. In fact, Serbian girls have high demands exclusively for themselves. On the contrary, Serbian women are warm and friendly towards others.

Statistics You Should Know About Serbian Women

There are 4.26 million males and 4.44 million females in Serbia. The percentage of the female population is 51.03% compared to 48.97% male population. Serbia has 0.18 million more females than males. 

The minimum age for marriage in Serbia is related to obtaining full legal capacity and is set at 18 years of age, thus a minor age is a marriage impediment, meaning that a person cannot marry before turning 18. However many Serbians tend to marry in their late twenties to early thirties.

The divorce rate in Serbia is 27.52 per 100 marriages.

Serbian chicks

Do Serbian Women Make Good Wives?

Serbian women know how to surprise themselves and others, especially their husbands. Married life with them is easy and interesting, full of shared memories, impressions, and moments.

The Serbian wife is the best organizer. A house party, a trip, or a simple walk – she will arrange everything at the highest level so that the family members are satisfied.

With routine, the Serbian wife also copes successfully. She is no stranger to cleaning and other household duties in order to keep the house clean and bring a creative touch to the comfort of the home. Serbian women love to cook and usually collect recipes for various dishes, share these recipes and invent something of their own.

In addition, Serbian women know how to satisfy a man in bed and take responsibility for the care of children. Serbian women adore children, but at the same time, they want men not to be deprived of attention.

Where to meet Serbian Women in Serbia? 

Serbia is not a leader in tourist visits. But if you are seriously planning to meet a Serbian woman, you can start with the following cities.


Tourists often underestimate the capital of Serbia, but in the meantime, it has a lot to offer: interesting architecture with a rich history, delicious traditional dishes, and, of course, Serbian women, which can be safely considered worth a trip to Serbia. They are open to acquaintances both on the street and in institutions.

Cafe in Belgrade: Time Café and more, Kafeterija Dorćol, Coffee, Tea, and Sympathy.

Bars in Belgrade: Gunners Pub, Passengers Bar, Riddle Bar.

Nightclubs in Belgrade: Hype, Beton Club, Freestyler Belgrade Night Club.

Novi Sad

It is a small city in Serbia, but it is considered the capital of entertainment and nightlife. In local bars and nightclubs, you can meet many Serbian singles who come to have fun and meet someone.

Cafe in Novi Sad: Kafeterija Kafa & Kafa, Cafe Porta, Modena Caffe Restaurant.

Bars in Novi Sad: Škripa Pub, Shamrock bar, Gerila Bar.

Nightclubs in Novi Sad: Paradiso Club, Night club Amor, Club Pllacebo.


A small student town and at the same time the economic center of Serbia. There are cheap prices and a lot of young smart girls and women who can be found in parks, on alleys, as well as in restaurants and nightclubs.

Cafe in Niš: Kafeterija Biro, Dijalog business cafe, Square Caffe.

Bars in Niš: Irish Pub Crazy Horse, MINISTARSTVO Beer Bar, Labeerint.

Nightclubs in Niš: Club Troy, Sunset Club Niš, Club Amnesia.

meet Serbian women

Where to Meet Serbian Women Online?

Single girls in Serbia actively use online services to find a partner. If you are interested in marrying a Serbian woman, visit an international dating service. The purpose of these services is to connect Serbian single women with Western men who want to meet. With the help of such sites, you can meet a single Serbian girl who wants to meet and marry a foreigner. This increases the chances of finding the person of your dreams and creating a lasting relationship with them.

How to Impress a Serbian Girl

Serbian girls are usually open to new acquaintances, but whether you meet or stay friends is largely up to you. What to do to hook a Serbian single?

Appearance matters

Of course, Serbian women first of all appreciate the inner qualities of a man. But appearance is also important for them. You don’t have to be the god of beauty. It’s just about looking neat and presentable because according to Serbian women, a man’s appearance can tell a lot about his nature.

Court like a knight

It seems that in Serbia, traditional dating customs have survived, manners have not been forgotten, and chivalry has not died. At least local women are cheered if a man tries to be gallant, but take it as a sign of attention to his person. So remember the classic methods of courtship and win a Serbian woman’s favor thanks to a true gentleman’s behavior.

How to Date a Serbian Girl: 4 Tips

If you’ve met a Serbian girl and think you might have a long-term relationship, it’s important to understand the dating culture in Serbia. A few tips on mentality will help make your dates with a Serbian woman unforgettable.

Be sincere

A Serbian woman appreciates people who are as open and sincere as possible. It doesn’t matter where you work or how much you earn. It is important how you feel about different things and first of all about her. Stay calm if you feel the need to express your thoughts, feelings, and emotions.

Be interested in her

Ask as many questions as possible to show your interest in a Serbian girl. It is very important for Serbian women to understand that she is interested in a man. You don’t need to talk only about yourself, show that you are interested in her personality, her thoughts, and her life.

Ask about her culture

Exploring the culture of another country is a very exciting activity. In addition, a Serbian woman will be amused by your concern for her country. Show interest in Serbian history, art, cuisine, architecture, and nature and your bond will be very strong. 

Nobly take care of her

In the understanding of a Serbian woman, a man should take care of her and be responsible. Pay the bill at the restaurant and take the Serbian girl home after the date. Such gestures may seem old-fashioned to some, but in Serbia, women expect this kind of behavior from their boyfriends.

meet Serbian girls

Things to Avoid When Dating a Serbian Girl

There are things that are unacceptable in one or another culture and may offend local residents. Therefore, it is worth knowing what to avoid when dating a Serbian woman to avoid an awkward situation.

Don’t talk about politics

Maybe sometimes you want to discuss geopolitics or ask about the situation in the country. For this, find another interlocutor. On first dates, you should not touch on political topics.

Don’t overdo it with romance

A gallant courtship does not mean that you have to turn into a crazy romantic who only talks about her beauty and sends hearts through words. You got it. There should be a measure in everything. Court nicely, but respect yourself, otherwise a Serbian woman who senses fakeness in people will be scared of such an attitude towards herself.


How to know if a Serbian Girl Likes You?

Serbian woman will listen to you, absorbing every word with enthusiasm, and will not take her eyes off you. The fact that you are attractive to her will be seen from the behavior of the Serbian girl. If you still have doubts, confess to her and see her reaction: she will probably tell you everything.

Are Serbian Women Good in Bed?

 Serbian women are sensitive lovers who know what they want in bed and how to satisfy their partners. In sex, they prefer to take a passive position, but sometimes they don’t mind playing around with the process.

What are the gender roles in Serbia?

Patriarchal roles are still very visible in Serbian society. In Serbian families, the man is usually the leader and is entrusted with the financial responsibility for the whole family, while the woman leads the household. Among young families, situations are increasingly occurring when people get rid of traditional prejudices.

Are Serbian Women Religious? 

Regarding the total population, 84.6% identify as Eastern Orthodox, while 5% identify as Catholic, 3.1% identify as Muslim, and 1.0% identify as Protestant. Of the remaining population, 0.8% identify with some other religion, 1.1% identify as atheist and 1.5% did not declare their religious affiliation.

What Fertility Rate is in Serbia?

The current birth rate for Serbia in 2023 is 9.056 births per 1000 people, a 1.08% decline from 2022. In general, this indicator is not lower than in other European countries.

Can I kiss a Serbian girl on a first date?

How rapidly your relationship will develop depends primarily on both of you. Usually, Serbian girls are not against kissing. And the transition to more intimate spheres is still worth discussing.

How important is a man’s financial situation for a Serbian woman?

Serbian women want to see next to them an ambitious and responsible man who has goals in life and is ready to invest in the family. You don’t have to be fabulously rich, but you have to stand on your own two feet so that a Serbian woman doesn’t have to feed you.

How well do Serbian women speak English?

70–80% of Serbians in bigger cities have very good English skills. Serbian people, especially the younger generations, are excellent English speakers when compared to what the rest of the world averages. Other foreign languages spoken and studied in Serbia are German, Spanish, Italian, French, and Russian.

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