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Dutch Women: How to Date Them and What to Prepare for

💋 Female Population 8,9m
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💍 Average Age of Marriage 31 y.o.
👼🏻 Average Fertility Rate 1,6
Dutch women

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Dutch women are unique. Their peculiarity is in their character and behavior. These women are emancipated, proactive, active, and interesting. What are they like when it comes to a romantic relationship and how to get acquainted with such a lady? Find the answers in this guide!

What Are Dutch Women Like?

It is worth noting that women in this country are very different. Their characteristics depend on where they live, their upbringing, their position in society, and other factors. However, some common features are common to girls who live in the Netherlands.


The Netherlands is a country in northwest Europe. The women here have a European appearance. They are distinguished by these features:

  • Light skin. There is no scorching sun in this country, and although it is right next to the sea, Dutch women do not tend to spend much time sunbathing on the beach. The climate is not conducive to this, which is why the girls’ skin is fair.
  • Oval face. Dutch girls are pretty, with soft features, neat noses, and pronounced lips. Their appearance usually lacks coarse outlines.
  • Light-colored eyes. Dutch women’s eyes are beautiful, clear, and light-colored. They are most often green, blue, or gray.
  • Blond hair. Women in the Netherlands have a common white hair color. They are, in most cases, blonde and blond. Less often — redheads. Girls with naturally black hair are almost absent here.
  • Tall and slender in stature. Dutch girls can be petite and short. But the majority are tall girls, with a developed skeleton and strong musculature.


The character of these girls may also vary. But in the Netherlands, it is more important that women’s rights are upheld at the state level. Consequently, women here are emancipated and feel confident in society, and this translates into relationships with men. The basic features look like this:

  • Women in the Netherlands are strong. They have an inner core. Dutch women often work as policemen, and drivers, they can be seen doing hard physical work. They can repair broken objects, and do all the housework. They consider themselves as strong as men.
  • They are friendly and helpful. They are easy and pleasant to talk to and give a pleasant impression of themselves. They feel confident in the company of men and women. If you make friends with such a woman and gain her trust, she will be open and trusting.
  • They are athletic and active. Girls in this country never sit still. Even if the woman is a housewife, she will do sports. The most popular sports are swimming, running, and fitness. But cycling remains the leader. Girls here ride them every day, commute to work, take their child to kindergarten or school, and even go on dates.
  • They are enterprising. They are not shy ladies who think a man has to make the first move. Dating Dutch women is easy enough. If she likes you, she won’t be afraid to make the first move and take the initiative because she thinks she has just as much right and opportunity as a man to do so. And that’s quite attractive!

Dutch women stereotypes

There are widespread opinions among foreigners about Dutch women that have nothing to do with reality.

  • The girls here are not pretty. They are tall, and attractive, with strong and slender bodies. Dautzen Cruz is a popular supermodel who hails from the Netherlands.
  • All the girls use light drugs.  more of an interest to tourists, who are new to legalized light drugs.
  • Girls from the Netherlands are rude. This stereotype is because they are outspoken and don’t hesitate to express their dissatisfaction or defend their position.
  • Dutch girls are selfish. They prioritize their comfort and only do what they think is best for others. But that doesn’t mean that they don’t love anybody.

Statistics you should know about Dutch women

Women of the Netherlands can be better understood by looking at some statistics about them:

  • At the end of 2021, the female unemployment rate was only 4.5%.
  • 7% of women take sick leave due to emotional burnout or overwork.
  • The average height of a woman in this country is 170 cm.
  • The average age of a woman when she marries is 35.9 years.

In this country, the world’s largest SDG5 Fund works to support women’s rights.

What makes them different from other European women?

Women in European countries are similar to each other, as the same principles and traditions apply to everyone in Europe. However, girls in the North-West are still different.

You might find dating a Dutch woman more interesting than with, say, a Polish or Czech woman because they are freer to declare their desires. Sometimes they even command and play equality with men, which makes a lot of guys interested.

They are also more reserved than, for instance, Italian or Spanish. This means they won’t get jealous, show excessive passion during quarrels, or raise their voice. For those looking for a calm relationship, this is the way to go.

Dutch chicks

Do Dutch Women Make Good Wives?

The concept of a good wife is different for every man. If we talk about Dutch women, they will certainly be good wives. What they are in marriage:

  • They are thrifty. A Dutch wife always knows how to handle money. She knows how to earn it and, even better, knows where to spend it to buy a quality product and save money at the same time. There are very few shopaholics among them; they know how to allocate money.
  • They invest in the family budget. Girls in this country have the opportunity to earn on par with men, and they take advantage of it. Each of them is an independent person who contributes a lot of money to the overall budget, and this supports the man.
  • They combine motherhood and work. Dutch wives can work part-time to take care of a child and they manage it easily. So even during maternity leave, they don’t mind earning money together with their man.
  • They are good housewives. In the Netherlands, some women don’t work when the baby is born. In that case, they take on household chores and don’t demand much from the man.
  • They are interesting conversationalists. Such a wife will never be bored because she always knows how to keep the conversation going and always has a couple of topics to tell her husband.

Where to Meet Dutch Women in the Netherlands?

The most populated and popular cities in the Netherlands where you can meet Dutch girls are the capital Amsterdam, The Hague, and Rotterdam. But when you go there you should be prepared that there are a lot of tourists and locals, especially pretty girls, who are used to the attention of foreigners and are not very eager to get acquainted with them.

In Amsterdam, choose the Jordaan area for a walk or choose «Floor17», a restaurant with a view of the city — locals love it there. If music is your thing, try «Maloe Melo» or «Paradiso». In The Hague, be sure to do a lot of walking along the promenades — the locals are often seen there. In Rotterdam, you can enjoy a night out in the Cool District or a quieter night out in Oude Haven.

Other cities for dating Dutch women:

  • Utrecht. A city with a large university, only 30 minutes from Amsterdam.
  • Maastricht is situated in the very South, with beautiful architecture and a romantic atmosphere.
  • Alkmaar will suit you if you are interested in the Dutch countryside.

If you want to meet Dutch women, choose the more remote areas. Instead of the city center, visit the surrounding areas, ask locals where to go, and choose places of interest so you can easily strike up a conversation with other people.

meet dutch women

Where to Meet Dutch Women Online?

Traveling to another country to meet a girl is not always possible. And it is not always necessary, as it is much easier to meet Dutch women online. Girls are more eager to get to know each other on the internet, as they register on special websites with one goal in mind — to meet and communicate with foreigners.

Marriage agency websites can help you with this — you can easily find a companion to meet or just chat with, get to know the mentality of these girls better, and enjoy new acquaintances.

How to Impress a Dutch Girl

Every Dutch woman is unique, but there are some things that most of them like. Understanding them will help you make a good impression on a girl and make her like you.

  • Be direct. Dutch women are very direct, and they don’t like hints. You need to be direct about your romantic intentions.
  • Find out her interests beforehand. When arranging a meeting, suggest activities that overlap with her interests.
  • Always have a plan. For an evening, a week, or a year in advance. Dutch ladies appreciate it when a man is confident about the future.
  • Be respectful of her opinion. If she responds negatively to your proposal, don’t change her mind.
  • Girls in the Netherlands like honest guys. They will appreciate it if you tell her straight out that you are not familiar with the traditions but want to impress her. But they will also appreciate it if you learn a little about their mentality and then ask if they like it.

5 Tips to Date a Dutch Girl

Dating a Dutch girl is indeed very interesting. A few tips will help you to prolong communication and get to know each other better.

  • Be prepared to give in to the initiative. Dutch women often make the first move. You shouldn’t be embarrassed by this; on the contrary, you should accept this fact as something natural, because for them it is.
  • Respect her personal space. She may have her friends that she goes out with without you, and her affairs that she doesn’t tell you about. Stalking is not valued in the Netherlands, every adult has their own life.
  • Stay positive. Dutch women believe that relationships should only bring joy, not additional problems. That’s why it’s better to remove your work problems from the list of topics to talk about on dates.
  • Respect her. This applies to any girl, but Dutch women love it when men agree with them, consider their opinions, respect them, and are interested in their thoughts.
  • Have fun together. Go out on dates in public places: bars, restaurants, clubs. Or just hang out in the city and go for a bike ride. Girls here don’t like dating on their partner’s property.
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What Is Forbidden When Dating a Dutch Girl

If you don’t want dating Dutch girls to turn into a disaster, avoid common mistakes. For a foreigner, this may seem natural and normal, but not for Dutch women.

  • Don’t insist on paying the bill. They don’t want to feel obligated and are happier paying for themselves.
  • Don’t praise the girl’s appearance. Just say that you like her.
  • Don’t touch her unless she has permitted you. Ask if she minds.
  • Don’t brag about money, cars, or expensive clothes. It’s not part of their value system.
  • Don’t be overly polite. In the Netherlands, it is not customary to open doors, move a chair and hand your jacket to girls.

Dating a Dutch lady is easy enough. They do not like pathos and excessive romance, on the contrary, they appreciate when everything is open and simple. But at the same time, they have their clear boundaries, and to conquer it you need to reckon with them. Therefore, you will never be bored with her!

Marrying a Dutch Woman: 3 Unusual Wedding Traditions

A wedding in the Netherlands can be anything: a lavish celebration for a hundred guests or a modest party for the nearest and dearest. In this country, to save money, guests may be divided into several groups: some are invited only to the wedding ceremony, and some only to the party. Here it is normal and no one is offended.

In the Netherlands, there is no rush to get married. For a long time, people just dated or lived together. Here you can have a standard marriage, create a registered partnership or just live together with or without an agreement.

When it comes to a standard wedding, there are interesting traditions that are only adopted here:

  • A wedding tree is created before the wedding, on whose branches guests leave ribbons and wishes.
  • On the wedding day, there may be a banquet first and a marriage ceremony afterward.
  • During the banquet, «tears of the bride» (spiced Dutch wine) and «sugar of the bride» (sweets in various flavors) are obligatorily served.

The latter tradition symbolizes the fickle nature of the bride. Also, if any guest comes across two candies with the same flavor, it means they are sure to be happy!


How to know if a Dutch Girl likes you?

It is very simple — Dutch women will tell you that. A girl’s sympathy is easy to see. She will behave casually, take an interest in your personality, and actively maintain a conversation. Dutch women don’t hint at being in love. You can tell by these signs:

  • she agrees to go out with you again;
  • she laughs a lot on the date;
  • she doesn’t leave the date after an hour;
  • she doesn’t stop communicating;
  • she doesn’t tell you «I don’t like you».

You don’t have to worry about whether she likes you or not.

Are Dutch Women good in bed?

These girls love sex and think it’s okay to have it on the first date if they like the guy and want to. They are very frank and straightforward in bed about what they like and don’t like. Therefore it is easy to have fun with them.

How do Dutch Girls feel about dating foreigners?

These girls are open to talking to foreigners. They have no prejudices about race or nationality. Girls on dating websites are especially friendly toward foreigners.

Are Dutch Women religious?

There is freedom of religion in the Netherlands. Few women here are believers. According to statistics, 55% of all people in this country are not religious. You can find out how a particular girl feels about religion in conversation, but in general, they do not identify with any faith.

What are the gender roles in the Netherlands?

Gender equality is prevalent in this country. Girls work on an equal footing with men; domestic chores and childcare are shared 50% to 50%. Both women and men can go on maternity leave.

What fertility rate is in the Netherlands?

In this country, it is not uncommon to have a large family. Many Dutch women dream of living in their own house with several children to play with each other. But the fertility rate here is 1.6.

At what age do women usually have children?

In the Netherlands, there is no rush to get married and have children. The average age when a woman becomes a mother for the first time is 30.3 years. But it is not uncommon for it to happen at an older age.

How to give gifts to Dutch women?

Only do this for women you know well when you know exactly what their interests, hobbies, and desires are. The gift should not be too expensive or luxurious. The ideal option is to ask her to choose a gift together.

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