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All You Need To Know if You Want to Marry a Moldovan Woman

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If you are looking for a good, compliant wife with a friendly and cheerful character, and also a beauty – pay attention to Moldovan women. They fascinate with their beauty and do not have high demands on men. They only need sincere feelings and care, which they are ready to give in return.

What Are Moldovan Women Like?

Moldovan women are unique and unlike representatives of other nations. They have many special features that have been formed over the centuries under the influence of different cultures. A modern Moldovan woman looks like both a pretty Slavic woman and a sultry resident of southern countries at the same time.


Moldovan women are characterized by a rather interesting, even spicy appearance, which is very appealing to men, especially from Western Europe and the USA. What makes Moldovan women so hot?

Expressive facial features

The classic Moldovan appearance is dark skin, expressive eyes, and thick black, often curly hair. But there are quite a few fair-haired Moldovan girls whose appearance is more likely to be influenced by the Slavs (Russia, Ukraine). All of them are united by the exceptional attractiveness of their facial features.

Feminine figure

The figure of a Moldovan woman does not always resemble that of a model, but it is always attractive to men due to its feminine, rounded forms. Men like the wide hips and perky breasts characteristic of most Moldovan hotties.


Not only the appearance but also the character of Moldovan girls are very charming. It is characterized by the following features.

Playfulness and immediacy

Moldovan women have an open nature, an easy character, and a simple approach to things. They are easy to talk to and spend time with. Their lively nature, sometimes reminiscent of teenage drive, makes them twice as young and more interesting in the eyes of the opposite sex.

Kind-heartedness and generosity

Moldovan women are very kind and always happy to help. Despite the difficult financial situation in the country, most Moldovan women love guests and holidays and are always ready to treat people to something delicious. Also, Moldovan girls will share with those who need it, even if they themselves are in trouble.

Diligence and industriousness

Moldovan women are very hard-working. They are quite hardy and work not just a lot, but also qualitatively. Every Moldovan girl knows from childhood that success directly depends on her efforts, and therefore postpones laziness much further when it comes to achieving a goal.

Optimistic and positive

Moldovan women are rarely in a bad mood. They are not used to being sad, but instead, the simplest thing can cheer them up. This makes them satisfied with life and attracts people to them. Because of this, Moldovan women always have a lot of both friends and supporters.

Mental balance

Moldovan women are individuals who live in harmony with themselves and the world. They are attentive and balanced in any circumstance and always choose the right tactics of behavior.

Moldovan Women Stereotypes

Moldova has a difficult history and culture, which has formed a lot of stereotypes around Moldovan brides. What is known about them and what is true?

They love entertainment

Many people associate Moldova with wine and loud parties. Indeed, in this country, there is quite a good wine, but this does not mean that local women absolutely adore this drink. Instead, Moldovan girls really like to have a good time, but at the same time keep a sober head.

They are extraordinary

Moldovan culture is quite specific, and this affected the local residents. They are often perceived as ladies surrounded by a flair of mystery and even eccentricity. Moldovan women do have a certain mystery to them, but in general, they are quite down-to-earth and confident.

Statistics You Should Know About Moldovan Women

Moldova has a population of over 2.6 million, with a sex ratio of 91.79 males per 100 females as of 2022. In total, 1.93 million men and 2.10 million women live in Moldova.

Moldovans try to start families as soon as possible, and many of the girls are already looking for a partner upon reaching adulthood. Therefore, most Moldovan brides are young girls aged 18 to 25.

Moldovan chicks

Do Moldovan Women Make Good Wives?

Moldovan girls dream of becoming model wives from an early age and learn this art from a young age. They usually do well, and the young Moldovan woman is the ideal housewife – skillful, hardworking, and hospitable. If you marry a Moldovan girl, your home will always shine with purity, and you will no longer have the familiar feeling of hunger.

Moldovan women are brought up in a patriarchal society where the man earns money and the woman looks after the house and children. Usually, Moldovan ladies are attached to their families and it is at home that they feel as comfortable as possible. In addition, a Moldovan woman is not just an ornament to her husband, but a reliable friend and helper. A Moldovan woman will relieve her husband of most of the household chores and surround him with warmth and love.

Where to meet Moldovan Women in Moldova? 

Moldovan girls willingly meet foreigners for communication, friendship, and long-term relationships. Where are the best locations to meet a Moldovan girl?

Parks, walking places

In Moldova, getting to know each other in parks or walking areas is popular, where people take a break from their daily worries and are ready to have pleasant conversations with strangers. Moldovan girls often go on such walks hoping to meet someone interesting.

In the cinema

Yes, the old-fashioned tradition of getting to know each other at the cinema is still accepted in Moldova. Young Moldovan girls often go to the cinema to get acquainted. You can approach them in the lobby before or after the screening, where there is an opportunity to discuss the film.

Night clubs

You can also visit a nightclub to meet a Moldovan girl. Moldovan single women like to visit the dance floor for the purpose of acquaintances, which often turn into long-term relationships.

Night clubs in Chișinău: Decadence, Flamingo, Tao.
Night clubs in Tiraspol: Sherri, Vintage, Craft.

In themed cafes

People usually go to cafes in Moldova to meet and drink coffee, but really interesting conversations and acquaintances occur in themed cafes where you can meet like-minded people. It can be a book cafe, a cafe with the theme of sports, cinema, culture, etc.

Cafes in Chișinău: The Coffy Way Chișinău, Moka, Cafea La Teatru.

Cafes in Tiaspol: White Whale, BFC, CoffeeIn.

meet Moldovan women

Where to Meet Moldovan Women Online?

Moldova is a country where young people still get to know each other in person. But more and more single Moldavian girls go online and try to find a partner there. Many applications offer options for both short-term flirting and long-term relationships. Many attractive Moldovan women register on the international dating site to marry a man from abroad. Very often, it is precisely such pairs that become strong and inseparable. If you want to meet a Moldovan girl who is looking for a serious relationship, all you have to do is register on such a site and start chatting with women you like.

How to Impress a Moldavian Girl

Moldovan girls like kind and cheerful people and easily meet men. But in order to please her, an ordinary conversation is not enough.

Give her a nice compliment

It cannot be something banal. Find an exceptional feature in a Moldovan girl and tell her that you admire her. It can be her creativity, and sense of humor, but most of all, Moldovan women love it when a man admires her feminine features. A well-timed compliment will cause more interest in your person.

Take the initiative

Moldovan girls love it when men set them up on dates, so ask her out without whining that someone else will. The first date is non-binding, and you can get to know each other, have a good time and decide if you’re interested in dating again.

How to Date a Moldovan Girl: 4 Tips

Moldovan women love beautiful dates, like in the movies, and increased attention from a man. Find out how to date a Moldovan girl so that she falls in love and dreams of marriage with you.

Flowers will not be superfluous

Not all women like to be given flowers, but these are not Moldovan girls. Every beauty in this country dreams of receiving a luxurious bouquet from her admirer. Moldovan girls love romance and will be happy when you show up with a bouquet.

Plan the perfect romantic date

Deep down, Moldovan girls dream of being princesses who are conquered by a knight and then educated. It is not necessary to adhere to the standard set of a gentleman, but a nice evening in a restaurant where you pay, of course, and a nice evening walk will come in handy on a date with a Moldovan girl.

Always show concern for her

A Moldovan woman can fall in love with a man who will treat her carefully and carefully. Be interested in her condition, ask about her wishes – and then fulfill them. This is how the Moldovan beauty will feel that she cares about you.

Plan something together

Compatible plans are a sign of serious intentions on the part of the partner. Plan your next meeting, your next weekend, your vacation, and even your married life. Tell her more often about how you would like to have a family and take care of it. Such conversations cause emotional awe in Moldovan women and inspire the creation of strong, trusting relationships.

meet Moldovan girls

Things to Avoid When Dating a Moldovan Girl

In order not to offend a Moldovan woman and spoil everything at the very beginning of the relationship, you should avoid some things.

Don’t be too pushy

Taking care of a woman does not mean that you have to control her. Together with her husband, a woman should relax and not tense up. Don’t forget that everyone has their own boundaries and personal space, and respecting them is the key to a healthy relationship.

Avoid vulgar language

This style of communication is unacceptable with Moldovan women with whom you want a serious relationship. The use of harsh words and vulgarisms can frighten a Moldovan girl and give the impression of a lack of culture and upbringing in the interlocutor.


Is it possible to kiss a Moldovan girl on a first date?

Most Moldovan girls expect a kiss at the end of the date if they have agreed to go with you. But it all depends on the situation. If you feel that she is not ready yet, don’t rush things. You can ask permission to kiss her, and it will look touching.

Is it possible to ask a Moldovan woman about her feelings for you?

In most cases, Moldovan girls are willing to talk about their feelings if they are asked about them. Innate modesty can restrain a too-frank attitude towards a man, because of which it is sometimes unclear whether they want to get closer. Therefore, sometimes such a question can clarify everything and give you both more freedom in actions.

Are Moldovan women jealous?

Moldovan women are not too jealous to worry about trifles on an equal footing. But it is better not to talk about other women in her presence, especially on first dates. A Moldovan girl may not show it, but such a man’s behavior will offend her.

Are Moldovan Women Good in Bed?

Moldovan women may seem modest at first glance, but in bed, they are passionate and active. Moldovan girls love to experiment with sex and usually have a high libido. They are very easy to please, and they also get pleasure from what pleases their partner.

Are Moldovan Women Religious? 

The predominant religion in Moldova is Orthodox Christianity, with 90 percent of the population belonging to one of two Orthodox Christian Churches. Women in Moldova celebrate religious holidays and often go to church on these days. They also turn to the church in case of important events in life, such as marriage or the birth of a child.

What Fertility Rate is in Moldova?

The fertility rate for Moldova in 2022 was 1.300 births per woman, a 0.85% increase from 2021. Most Moldovan women prefer to give birth to their first child at a younger age, up to 26 years. In general, the birth rate in Moldova is somewhat higher compared to neighboring countries.

What is the situation in Moldova with women’s rights?

Moldova is a progressive, developing European country. Women have access to all spheres of social life and actively use these rights. The current president of Moldova is a woman, Maia Sandu. But in Moldovan families, the party-archy system is still preserved, and men often have the decisive say in important matters.

Do Moldovan women speak English?

Moldovan girls who register on a dating site usually know English at a communicative level. In general, English is taught in Moldovan schools, and the younger generation is mostly good at this language.

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