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How to Meet and Date Estonian Women: Tips for US Men

💋 Female Population 20,7m
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💍 Average Age of Marriage 29 y.o.
👼🏻 Average Fertility Rate 1,6
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Unconventional, interesting, and very attractive — everything this is about Estonian women. They live in a country with extraordinary cultural development, which has affected their character and behavior in relation. Learn more about them, and it will be easier for you to date them!

What Are Estonian Women Like?

It’s impossible to describe all these versatile girls in a few words. But some traits unite them.

The most common appearance features

The typical Estonian woman has a cold northern European beauty. She is characterized by blonde hair (every shade of blonde imaginable) and light soft skin, which blushes easily.

Estonian women’s eyes are rarely brown or black. More often their eyes are gray, green, blue, or a mixture of all these shades, which makes you stare into them for a long time and admire them.

Estonian girls’ faces are oval, with high cheekbones. Their noses are long and their lips are symmetrical and thin. Facial features look aesthetically pleasing and harmonious, so these girls are beautiful.

Natural beauty is common among Estonian women. They are not fond of plastic surgery, but use cosmetics and prefer simple grooming procedures. This makes them even more beautiful than they are naturally.

Unique character traits

The personalities of these girls could be talked about endlessly. Estonian girls are indeed very interesting and unusual. Five main traits make them special:

  • They are modest and shy. You won’t find a pretentious lady or an upstart among them, they don’t demand too much from their men and don’t put themselves above them.
  • Family comes first. Estonian women are so brought up that they value marriage and family relationships very much. Therefore Estonian women are good for the family.
  • They know how to behave beautifully in society and have manners. Estonians know how to behave in society, they don’t swear, create scandals and they are attractive because of their restraint and intelligence.
  • They are self-sufficient. Some girls would rather be career climbers than housewives, but they never sacrifice their relationships and family for work.
  • They are romantic and affectionate. Estonian women like quiet, relaxed relationships, they don’t shy away from displays of affection and know how to give men their love.
  • They are more introverted than extroverted. This character makes them very pleasant to talk to and in close relationships. Their high morals and shyness make them loyal to their companions. They are conservative in intimate relationships. Estonian women try to solve problems with compromises rather than ultimatums. Given this, it is not surprising that Estonian ladies are popular with men from other countries.

Stereotypes about Estonian women

Stereotypes need to be eradicated, so never think like that about these ladies:

  • Estonian girls are unfriendly. It may seem that way only at first glance. They are very friendly with people they know.
  • There are easygoing girls living in Tallinn. You can find girls in any country who are interested in easy flirting or rich foreigners, but that doesn’t speak volumes about them in general.
  • They talk slowly and boringly. This is a popular myth that will disappear once you start interacting with Estonian women.

Current statistics about Estonian women

Simple facts will show you that Estonian women are worth your attention. These statistics can tell you a lot about women in Estonia:

  • The average height of girls in Estonia is 170 cm, the third highest in the world.
  • Estonia has the highest rate of supermodels: 74 girls per 1 million population.
  • In Estonia alone, women hold the top 2 seats in parliament.
  • So far, the gender pay gap in Estonia is 21% not in favor of women.
  • 53% of girls are getting higher education, 19% more than men.

What makes Estonian girls special compared to other European women

Estonia is in the Northern part of Europe, so girls here have significant differences from those living in the West or the South of Europe.

  • Different attitude toward a career. For Estonian women, careers are important, but they focus much more on their families than on work. It’s not the same here as in Western Europe.
  • Unique style of communication. Whereas in the West and the South, girls are more talkative and maintain small talk, Estonian women are more silent, which gives them a special mystique.
  • Being less arrogant. They prefer to be treated with respect and even admiration sometimes, but they won’t humiliate a man for the sake of self-assertion.
  • Being more oriented towards serious relationships. They don’t waste time on casual dating and hope that the connection with a man will be long-lasting.
Estonian chicks

Are Estonian Women Good Wives?

Estonian wives fulfill this role very well because they see such an example in their family. Their upbringing culture places great emphasis on preparing a girl for family life, so they know everything they need to live comfortably together and live life together. Let’s take a closer look:

  • Estonian women cook very well. In their culture, men do it too, but women can make delicious dishes.
  • They love cleanliness and comfort. Due to this trait, the house, where such a woman lives, will always be clean and pleasant to be in.
  • Estonian women are very gentle with children. They take excellent care of their children and love to be with them.
  • They give men their love. They are able and loving to express their love, but Estonian women do it in private and not in public.

With such a woman, any man will feel completely comfortable, as if he has a reliable rear behind him. But many girls also continue to work, being married and having children. They help men to earn money and contribute to the family budget. A man who gets an Estonian wife is lucky.

Where to Meet Estonian Women in Estonia

It makes sense to visit the country’s major cities. That’s where dating Estonian women is the easiest.


It is possible to find a lot of beautiful girls in this city, the capital of Estonia. You can visit places like this:

  • The creative city of Telliskivi with its trendy bars, cafés, restaurants, galleries, and shops. It is a popular place among young people.
  • Kadriorg Park — popular for relaxing, picnicking, jogging, and outdoor activities.
  • Balti Jaama Turg is a lively covered marketplace where you can sample local food and drink, buy souvenirs and meet locals.


Estonia’s second-largest city, Tartu, will also give you plenty of opportunities to meet Estonian women and better understand their culture:

  • Emajõgi River — there are plenty of cafes and restaurants along the riverbank where you can stop to eat, drink and get to know somebody.
  • Tartu Market Square is a lively place where local women come to shop. There are plenty of cafés and restaurants to stop by.
  • The Tartu Art Museum has a collection of contemporary art, and you can meet Estonian girls who are interested in art.


Narva is the third largest city. Here girls like to relax in places like this:

  • Narva-Jõesuu beach is a popular place where locals swim, sunbathe and relax during the summer months.
  • Krenholm Park is a popular place for walks, picnics or just relaxing in nature.
  • The Narva Keskus shopping center is a popular place where locals shop, eat and socialize.
meet Estonian women

Where to Meet Estonian Women Online?

Dating in person takes a lot of energy, especially since dating Estonian girls in real life is not always easy. They may not want to communicate with a stranger. Also, you may spend a lot of time looking for a girl you like. The best way to meet these women is through mutual acquaintances. Or you can take an even simpler route: you can use marriage agency websites.

Girls on these sites are open to communication because they register there specifically for interesting dating. You’ll have a great time talking to them and you’ll be able to find a worthy companion without too much time and effort.

How to Impress an Estonian Girl

Impressing such a girl is easy enough, as an Estonian girl will not make the high demands of a man. It’s usually enough to remain yourself and one of these northern European beauties is sure to fall in love with you. However, there are things most of them like and you can use them to make a good impression of yourself:

  • Be well-mannered. Girls in this country don’t like cheeky guys, scandalous people, or rude people.
  • Be romantic. You don’t need to be serenaded, but nice gestures and compliments will appeal to Estonian women.
  • Be confident. They don’t like insecure men, they need someone to take the initiative.
  • Suggest a time and place for the meeting yourself so she doesn’t have to decide anything.

She’ll also love it if you learn a little about her culture and show off your knowledge on the date. The woman will appreciate this attention to her life.

How to Date an Estonian Girl: 5 Tips

Dating an Estonian girl will already be much easier than just getting to know her. The better she gets to know you, the more she will open up and you will see the versatility of her character and get the most out of her kindness and affection. To speed up this process, you should do things like this:

  • Ask her out on dates to different places. Estonian women prefer to accept proposals rather than do them by themselves, so you’ll have to be responsible for the activity of spending time together with her.
  • Show your affection with different actions. The Estonian lady will appreciate small gifts or flowers on her dates, as well as nice, unexpected messages.
  • Respect her family and their traditions. For women in this country, it is very important that their companion respects their parents and other family members, and is willing to get to know them.
  • Show stability. These girls like it when men make plans, set goals, and achieve them, rather than sit still and are in constant search of their calling.
  • Don’t put pressure on the woman and don’t speed up the relationship. She needs time to get used to you, get to know you well, and begin to trust you. Only then she can decide to get into a more intimate relationship.

In general, you don’t need to pretend to be someone else to date an Estonian woman. Don’t engage in self-deception or pretend that you are better than you are.

Things to Avoid When Dating an Estonian Woman

The culture of these girls has peculiarities and boundaries that should not be violated unless you want to ruin the relationship. So you should remember what not to do when you go out with such a lady:

  • Don’t be brash. She won’t date you if you want to develop a relationship too quickly, try to hold her hand, hug her, or initiate other physical contacts.
  • Don’t reject her initiative. It’s worth a lot if an Estonian woman is active in the relationship. You need to encourage it, not devalue it.
  • Don’t make fun of her culture or language. That’s offensive to any girl, especially in Estonia. If you stereotypically think of them, the relationship will not work out.
  • Don’t put all the responsibility for household chores on a woman. Yes, they are good housewives, but they also believe that a man should be able to cook, clean, and do other things himself.

Marrying an Estonian Woman: 3 Wedding Customs You Should Know

In today’s world, weddings in Estonia are often held according to European standards, but some interesting traditions set this country apart from others and may come in handy when planning your event.

  • Coronation of the bride. In Estonia, the bride does not only wear a beautiful white dress or veil. Sometimes she is crowned with a beautiful flower wreath with ribbons. It symbolizes the purity and fertility of the bride.
  • Wedding sauna. It is an Estonian tradition that before the wedding the couple visits a sauna. It is said to help purge a couple of their bad past and ward off «evil spirits». The sauna is held before the day’s festivities.
  • Wedding game. Guests are entertained in various ways during the festivities, one of them being «pulmamäng». This is a kind of quiz for the newlyweThey have to answer questions about their partner, showing how well they know each other.

Estonian weddings are usually fun and big. Relatives and guests are invited to attend, and a large table is laid out with national dishes, and everyone entertains themselves with dancing and funny competitions.


How to know if an Estonian Girl Likes You?

Usually, these girls don’t say it outright, so you can tell by indirect signs:

  • she smiles and laughs at your jokes;
  • she asks you a lot of questions;
  • the girl happily agrees to go out with you;
  • she suggests places to go together;
  • she shares stories about her family and her past with you.

In this case, you can be sure that you have succeeded in getting her interested.

Are Estonian women good in bed?

These girls have a pleasant temperament. They show tenderness in bed. Also, they are faithful to their loved ones and for them, a close relationship is very important. If she agrees to it, it means she is serious about you.

What are the gender roles in Estonia?

Estonia is fighting for gender equality. But in many families, standard gender roles are still popular, where women are more involved in household chores and men in their careers.

Are Estonian women religious?

The 2021 survey showed that Estonia in general is not a religious country, so women here cannot be described as religious. 55% of the country’s women said that they are not religious, consequently, they do not attend church or follow church traditions.

Are Estonian girls friendly to men from other countries?

This country has always been popular with foreign men, as the women here have a different mentality and character. They are used to the attention of foreigners and have a positive attitude towards them.

What fertility rate is there in Estonia?

In this country, it is 1.6 births per woman. Most families have more than one child. The girls here love children, it is normal in their culture to have a family with more than one baby.

What kind of gifts do girls in Estonia prefer?

They don’t have to give something practical or expensive. They would also welcome small trinkets that relate to memorable places for the two of you or somehow relate to topics you’ve discussed.

Do girls cook delicious food in Estonia?

The women here cook delicious food and that’s one way to say they love you. They prepare delicious soups, casseroles, and meat dishes. If a girl did it for you, you are lucky!

At what age are girls in Estonia ready for marriage?

The average age of women who get married for the first time in Estonia is 33.6 years. Since this is a European country, girls here are in no hurry to get married. They don’t feel like doing it too early.

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