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All You Need to Know Before the Dating a Lithuanian Woman

💋 Female Population 1,5m
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💍 Average Age of Marriage 27 y.o.
👼🏻 Average Fertility Rate 1,3
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Lithuania is a country with one of the most beautiful women in Europe. Lithuanian unique culture was formed due to the authentic Lithuanian language, Scandinavian influence, and strong historical ties with Poland, Ukraine, Belorussia, and Russia. You have a chance to convince the fact that Lithuanian girls become stunning wives. 

What Are Lithuanian Women Like?

Lithuanian women are those with whom nobody is bored. They effectively present their beauty and mental features. Lithuanian hotties are charming to spend time with. Which traits make them so desired?


How would you imagine an average Lithuanian woman? The girls in this country have some common characteristics in their appearance, which make them tempting.

Scandinavian beauty

Most Lithuanian women have fair skin, light-colored eyes, and hair. They have such an appearance that it is customary to call them Scandinavian. But the beauty of the Slavic neighbors and the elusive exclusivity of the indigenous Lithuanian population can be recognized in their pretty facial features.

Perfect figure

Lithuanian women are said to be a noble nation. That is, among Lithuanian girls, height above average prevails. At the same time, Lithuanian beauties have incredibly seductive forms that disturb men. The figure of Lithuanian women is so feminine, so graceful.


What can be said about the character of Lithuanian women? He is as attractive as his appearance. Warmth, politeness, and some Nordic nobility distinguish Lithuanian ladies.

They are cultural

Lithuanian women have a special refined gloss that creates an aura of nobility. It seems that they are taught etiquette from childhood, but it is in their blood. Lithuanian women are as polite, and friendly as possible, they respect and accept any person.

They are smart

Lithuanian women are distinguished not only by their manners but also by their high intelligence. They are usually true experts in their field, never get tired of learning, and are constantly interested in something new. There are many Lithuanian women who speak several languages.

They are intelligent

Lithuanian women can be called balanced and calm. They do not raise their voice and do not use many facial expressions and gestures, which gives the impression of intelligence. It is difficult to imagine a Lithuanian woman who will quarrel or find out about relationships in public places.

Lithuanian Women Stereotypes

You can hear a certain stereotypical opinion or idea about each nation. Consider the prejudices that exist around Lithuanian girls.

 Slow, unhurried

Residents of northern countries, in particular the Baltic countries, can hear a stereotypical opinion about their slowness. This impression is caused by their calm character and balanced manners, which involve a minimum of gestures and a leisurely pace of conversation. In fact, when it comes to the need to quickly perform a certain action, to do this or that thing, Lithuanian women do it at an optimal pace. But they do it carefully and, moreover, qualitatively.

Cold and aloof

Another stereotype that has developed as a result of a calm character is the opinion that Lithuanian women are usually indifferent and not too hot ladies. This is at least not true when it comes to their passion and openness. Calm and balanced manners do not prevent Lithuanian women from being warm and friendly interlocutors but only help.

Statistics You Should Know About Lithuanian Women

The gender ratio in Lithuania in 2022 is 86.18 men per 100 women. There are 1.25 million men and 1.44 million women in Lithuania. The share of the female population is 53.71% compared to 46.29% of the male population. There are 0.20 million more women than men in Lithuania.

In 2022, 12.8 thousand men (76.2 % of all married men) and 12.6 thousand women (74.9 % of all married women) got married for the first time. The number of remarriages accounted for 23.8% for men and 25.1% for women.

In 2021, the number of divorces per 100 marriages was 46.6 (49.3 in 2020).

Adjusted for the approximate age-related increase in intelligence in Britain, the average IQ of a Lithuanian is estimated at 90.

Lithuanian chicks

Do Lithuanian Women Make Good Wives?

Lithuanian women become perfect wives thanks to their easy, calm character, which does not involve scandals. Hotties from Lithuania have self-respect, and most importantly respect their husband. In a relationship, they prefer to be a friend with their husband. A Lithuanian woman is a person with whom a husband can share the most intimate things. Lithuanian women also know how to support their partners in difficult moments and behave wisely when they are with their loved people.

At the same time, Lithuanian women believe it is their duty to look flawless, be a harmonious personality, and inspire a man. What about housework? Lithuanian chicks have no problems with this either. They like to cook at home and come up with a menu that will delight family members with flavors and variety. The house of the Lithuanian wife is always tidy and cozy. Lithuanian women are always happy to have guests who love to stay at their homes and enjoy the hospitality of the hostess of the family.

Where to meet Lithuanian Women in Lithuania? 

Lithuania is a very attractive country, which is why it attracts tourists from all over the world with its nature and architecture. Women in this country are also attractive to foreigners. As always, the biggest chances of a successful acquaintance are in big cities.


The capital of Lithuania is known for its beautiful Baroque and Gothic buildings, a cozy old town with cobbled streets full of nice cafes and restaurants. Local beauties like to spend time there, relax and take selfies. Vilnius at night looks no less attractive with beautiful lights and nightclubs, where acquaintances take place in a very relaxed atmosphere.

Cafes in Vilnius: Cat Cafe Kačių Kavinė, Italala Caffè, Coffee1.
Bars in Vilnius: Alchemikas, Piano Man Bar, Local Pub.
Nightclubs in Vilnius: Salento Night Club, Mirage Night Club, Opium Club.


It is a port city on the shores of the Baltic Sea and the picturesque Dana River. And therefore there is no shortage of parks, embankments, and excellent locations for walks and photos. Lithuanian girls who are determined to have a good time like to walk in such places. Getting to know them on the street, in a pub, or in a nightclub is a matter of choice.

Cafes in Klaipeda: Cafe Klaipėda, Coffee King, Max Coffee.
Bars in Klaipeda: Herkus Kantas, Bardakas. Klaipėda, Irish Nese Pub.
Nightclubs in Klaipeda: Crystal Show Club, Loki Club, Pakhauz.


This is a popular resort in Lithuania on the shores of the Baltic Sea, where the water warms up to +20 degrees in the summer. The city offers excellent conditions for a beach holiday and meeting local Lithuanian beauties.

Cafes in Palanga: Caffeine, Cafe bandukė, French bakery.
Nightclubs in Palanga: Exit Club, Basanova, Judesis Palanga.

meet Lithuanian women

Where to Meet Lithuanian Women Online?

Lithuanian girls usually meet for a serious relationship and prefer not to wait for a prince, but to take the initiative. This is easier to do in different dating apps. There are special sites for international dating, which are created for those who want to marry a foreigner. Men from the USA and Western Europe often use such sites to meet women from a particular country. Lithuanian women are very successful in the bride market because of the combination of beauty, intelligence, and character that is very appealing to modern western men.

How to Impress a Lithuanian Girl

Lithuanian dating culture is based on old-fashioned traditions. Girls in Lithuania like beautiful courtships, so there are more chances to be liked by men who are familiar with dating etiquette.

Dress smartly

Lithuanian women dress tastefully and expect the same from the opposite sex. You don’t have to wear expensive things. Your wardrobe should only be balanced, stylish, neat, and adequate for the situation.

Cheer her up

Lithuanian girls love witty men. You’ll have a better chance of success if you can make her laugh. But rely on intellectual humor – that’s what Lithuanian chicks love.

How to Date a Lithuanian Girl: 5 Tips

Lithuanian women can be very feminine, and old-fashioned and seek a serious relationship, not a one-night stand. From the very beginning of dating, you should demonstrate your serious intentions.

Be yourself

A Lithuanian woman will want to know the real you, not an image designed to please. Be sincere and don’t shy away from weaknesses, but at the same time stay positive and behave politely. A Lithuanian woman will take kindly to awkwardness during the first meetings because she herself will feel the same.

Ask more questions

A Lithuanian woman will appreciate the attention to her persona on dates. And you will be able to learn more about her and dilute the moments of awkward silence. Ask how she spent her day, what she likes to eat for breakfast, and where she went on vacation.

Tell a funny story from your life

A Lithuanian woman may be interested in your life and likes interesting interlocutors with a sense of humor. An interesting story from your childhood or adolescence can come in handy.

Spend a date in nature

Lithuanian girls love nature and leisure in picturesque places away from the noise of the metropolis. Have a picnic together where you can pick mushrooms or berries together, admire the scenery, or explore the wildlife.

Use Lithuanian words on occasion

The most common Lithuanian word is “grazi” or “grazis”. This word can be used to describe almost anything that has an aesthetically pleasing quality, such as a girl, or even a thing, or to give thanks. A Lithuanian girl will be pleased to hear her native language, which is unique and unlike other languages. 

Use Lithuanian words on occasion

The most common Lithuanian word is “gražì”. This word can be used to describe almost anything that has an aesthetically pleasing quality, such as a girl, or even a thing, or to give thanks. A Lithuanian girl will be pleased to hear her native language, which is unique and unlike other languages. 

Things to Avoid When Dating a Lithuanian Girl

Lithuanian women are friendly and cheerful, easy to talk to and spend time with. However, there are moments that are better to avoid when dating a Lithuanian girl.

Avoid vulgarity

Jokes that have a touch of vulgarity or too frank remarks can offend a Lithuanian girl. Try to avoid strong humor, profanity, or out-of-context comments when dating a Lithuanian girl.

Don’t be too cocky

Lithuanian girls may not appreciate your desire to move on to the next stage of the relationship as soon as possible. Take your time with passionate kisses and hugs on the first date, give her time, and allow the relationship to develop naturally and harmoniously.


What religion do Lithuanian women practice?

Most Lithuanians are Catholics, they are also known as Europe’s last pagans, having been the final European country to convert to Christianity from their pre-Christian Baltic religion. Lithuania is a secular country where religion does not interfere in other spheres of human life.

What is the gender equality index of Lithuania?

With 58.4 out of 100 points, Lithuania ranks 20th in the EU on the Gender Equality Index. Its score is 9.6 points below the EU’s score.

What language do Lithuanian women speak?

Since 1991, the official language of Lithuania is the Baltic language of Lithuanian, a language closely related to Latvian. More than 80% of the country’s 3.8m population speaks Lithuanian as their first language. Minority languages include Belarusian (1.5%), Polish (7.7%), and Russian (8%). Almost the entire population under the age of 40-45 knows English at a communicative level

How to know if a Lithuanian Girl Likes You?

Lithuanian women are not inclined to express their feelings openly enough, but they will find a way to show their sympathy. It will show in the desire to meet you, and spend time, with you and how quickly they respond to messages. Usually, a Lithuanian woman wants to know more about the man she is interested in and prefers to spend as much time with him as possible.

Are Lithuanian Women Good in Bed?

 Lithuanian women prefer the partner’s initiative in sexual contact. They are sensual and appreciative lovers, quickly aroused and usually orgasm. At the same time, they know how to satisfy a man and give him an awareness of sexual power.

What Fertility Rate is in Lithuania?

The fertility rate for Lithuania in 2022 was 1.695 births per woman, a 0.36% increase from 2021. Women in Lithuania prefer not to delay the birth of a child, and their firstborn usually appears between the ages of 25 and 29. They are not always ready to give birth to more than one child, preferring to devote more time to their careers.

How important is a career for a Lithuanian woman?

As a rule, Lithuanian women are fulfilled in their professional life, but they perfectly maintain the balance of “work and personal life”. They are very productive at work, but they prefer to devote their free time exclusively to themselves and their family.

What kind of sport is popular in Lithuania?

Lithuania is famous for its well-developed basketball, both men’s and women’s. Most women in Lithuania like to spend their free time actively: riding bicycles, walking in the weather, playing games, etc. Running and visiting gyms are popular in the country.

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