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Romanian Women: Everything You Need To Learn About Dating And Marrying Them

💋 Female Population 9,8m
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💍 Average Age of Marriage 27 y.o.
👼🏻 Average Fertility Rate 1,8
Romanian women

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This beautiful Balkan country, home of the Dracula lore, has 19.12 million people, including women interested in marrying foreign husbands. If you are reading this right now, you are probably one of the people who like the women of Romania and want to start a relationship with them.

However, you need to know a few things before starting a relationship with a Romanian woman. We will be looking at all of these things in sections and subsections. 

What Are Romanian Women Like?

Romanian women have physical and innate attributes that make them attractive to foreign men. Learning about them will make you want them more, which is the goal of this section. 


Romanian women are breathtaking, which is one of the reasons why men are going crazy over them. Here are some of these physical attributes: 

  • Golden skin 

The climate in Romania is a little warm, so the women have a slight golden haze on their skin due to the sun and their lack of melanin. However, they now have uniquely beautiful skin due to this natural occurrence. 

  • Long blonde hair 

You are bound to find women with different shades of blonde hair in Romania. But one thing is common: they have long, wavy hairs that are so beautiful to look at. Their hair looks like a flame in the night.

  • Long slender legs 

Romanian women have legs that you would describe as endless and sexy simultaneously. In addition, they are into body grooming, often keeping those legs waxed and hairless. It is alluring to look at and would easily catch your attention if you are privileged to see it.


The personality traits of the women in Romania are good reasons for any man to want to be with them as partners, and here are some of these traits:

  • They are good listeners 

Romanian women are not interested in saying so much or having opinions. They would rather listen, learn and observe the person talking to them. This trait makes them knowledgeable in many things as they seek to know more than they seek to share. 

  • They are traditional 

Culture is essential to Romanian women, who spend their lives ensuring that they hold onto these cultures. Romanian women hold onto their traditional ways no matter what modern influence they come across. Men like this factor because traditionalism teaches the Romanian woman how to be a good wife. 

  • They are curious 

One of the things you will learn from wooing a Romanian lady is that she is always trying to learn something new. Therefore, she will often try to ask questions about topics she is interested in and then go completely silent. At the same time, you focus on teaching her about what she asked you. 

Romanian women stereotypes

There are certain stereotypes that people have perpetuated about Romanian women. Sometimes, stereotypes are born out of the repeated actions of these women, which we can define as truth, and other times, they are simply a product of misunderstandings. 

Here are some of these stereotypes:

  • Romanian women are docile 

Romanian women do not believe in being at loggerheads with anyone, especially the men they marry. They think a man’s place is at the head of the table, both in literal and figurative terms. However, women have a lot of power at home, and they take charge of matters that concern the house often. So the stereotype about them being docile is not valid. 

  • Romanian women are deficient in bed

Romanian women may be conservative, but that does not mean they are not good at bedroom activities. Romanian women start dating when they are teenagers. Along the line, they may or may not pick up sexual experiences along the way. The stereotype about them being bad in bed is undecided. 

Statistics on Romanian women 

Here are some of the statistics on the women of Romania: 

  • The percentage of women in Romania is 51.38% 
  • 51.6% of the women in Romania are involved in labor, albeit the lower work roles with fewer leadership positions. 

What makes them different from other European women?

Romanian women are different from other women in Europe because of a few reasons, and here are three of these reasons:

  • They balance conservativeness and liberality 

In Europe, women are either very conservative or very liberal. Still, in Romania, you have a refreshing experience of having the best of both worlds when you meet women. They have liberal ideas and still hold onto their traditional values, which makes it easy to be with them. 

  • They are not vain 

European women are sometimes vain and try to get the male gaze by dressing flashy for attention. Romanian women wear things that they feel comfortable in, and they also dress according to their culture. For example, they wear gypsy fashion, which is more about the culture than looking attractive. The good thing is that men see them and find them attractive in these exciting fashion choices. 

  • They marry early 

Romanian women marry earlier than most women in Europe. The average age for women in Romania to match is 26.3 years, which is lower than that of many women in Europe. The main goal for many of the women in Romania is to marry and raise a family that makes them proud. 

Romanian chicks

Do Romanian Women Make Good Wives?

Romanian women are the best options for men who want good wives, and here are a few reasons why:

  • They want to be traditional wives 

Many men who go through the process of getting a foreign wife do so because the alternative is worse. They fear getting stuck with a Western wife who knows nothing about homemaking, cooking, and all the things that come with marrying a traditional woman.

Romanian women have these traditional inclinations, making them fantastic homemakers. Men want to marry women who understand what a wife means and take that role seriously. Therefore, a Romanian wife is the best bet for men who wish to have traditional wives. 

  • They are understanding 

No one wants a partner who is not understanding. Understanding this term means that sometimes, the going will not be rosy. Everyone needs a partner they can talk to in these times and not be faced with managing their feelings because they refuse to be sympathetic and apply emotional intelligence. 

  • They are hardworking and supportive 

Romanian wives don’t just sit down and allow the men to provide for the home; they are hardworking and like to support the house in any way they can. This attribute is why their men love them and may not appreciate that foreign men are coming to Romania and doing away with their excellent women. 

Where To Meet Romanian Women In Romania 

Romania is a beautiful city for exploration; there is so much beauty to see and soak in simultaneously. If you are in Romania to find a wife, there are different places and hot spots where you could go to find a wife. You can start your search in these three regions and the hot areas in them: 


You have heard of Transylvania, read books about the region, and watched films relating to the origin of Dracula as it is associated with Transylvania. However, you have not been there to search for a wife. To help you search for your wife with ease, here are three places where you can meet your wife: 


Restaurants in Transylvania include:  

  • La Ceaun
  • Rhédey Café
  • Crama Sibiul Vechi 


Parks in Transylvania include:

  • Piatra Craiului National Park 
  • Turda Salt Mine
  • Vidra Park


Markets in Transylvania include:

  • Peasant market 
  • Bejon a Videk! 
  • Cibin market 


Moldavia is another beautiful region in Romania. If you ever decide to spend some time in Moldavia looking for a wife, here are the three places you are bound to find your wife in the region. 


Restaurants in Moldavia include: 

  • Fusion Restaurant Jeraffe
  • Kumanyok Shinok
  • Gok-Oguz 


Here are some lovely parks in Moldavia:

  • Dendrarium Park
  • Stephen the Great Central Park
  • Chișinău Botanical Garden


Here are three of the best markets in Moldavia:

  • Piata Central
  • Mihai Eminescu Street
  • Cahul central market 


Dobourdja has one of the most prominent regions in Romania. Interestingly, sometime in the 19th century, the region was split in two between Bulgaria and Romania. If you are here and you are searching for a wife, then please check out these places: 


Here are three excellent restaurants in Dobroudja: 

  • Strada Tudor Vladimirescu
  • Marco polo 
  • Ivan Pescar 


Here are some of the best parks in Dobroudja:

  • Holiday Park in Kranevo
  • Măcin Mountains National Park 
  • Danube Delta
meet Romanian women

Where To Meet Romanian Women Online 

The easiest way to meet Romanian women online is by signing up on a Romanian mail-order brides’ platform. Since so many exist, finding one with features that tickle your fancy will be easy. The best ones are well-designed, reliable, and fast.

Although they have freemium options, it’s best to go for paid plans. If you sign up for the premium package, you can send gifts to the women you are talking to increase your chances of getting their attention. Then, as soon as you pick the woman of your choice and agree on a date and everything else, you can start planning your wedding immediately.

These sites offer privacy, security, and variety. As a result, they have reasonable success rates amongst foreign men seeking Romanian wives like you. And they’ve stood the test of time, with the best in operation for decades. So, if you are looking for the best alternative to meeting Romanian girls than traveling abroad, try these Romanian mail-order brides’ sites.

How To Impress A Romanian Woman 

Getting a Romanian woman to date you is a simple task. However, it does have some challenges. Firstly, you must make conscious efforts to see that she likes you instead, and t so that you impress her. So before you go dating a Romanian woman, here are three ways you can impress a Romanian lady:

  • Learn about Romania 

Something some men need to do better when they go to a foreign country to meet the woman of their dreams is needing more information about her country. You must have a good knowledge of Romanians and the Romanian countryside to catch her attention because you will come off as serious. 

Marriage is a merge between two cultures, so when you go to Romania to find a wife, you must show that you love the new culture you are about to be assimilated into.

  • Make an effort to impress her with your outfit 

There is only one gypsy in your conversation with a Romanian woman, and it is not you. Please do not think you can wear whatever you want and get her to talk to you. Romanian women want men to make better efforts when they are wooing them. When you throw on random tourist clothing to woo them, they won’t be impressed, and you will lose out. 

  • Ask questions about the things you do not know 

With Romanian women, it is never safe to assume things. So whatever you want to know about your Romanian girl, ask her. She might give you the full answer or something close, but do not assume things.

How To Date A Romanian Girl: 3 Tips 

Here are three tips that can help you when dating Romanian women:

  • Listen to her when she speaks 

Romanian girls listen to you more than they talk to you. However, if the time ever comes for you to return that favor and listen to them do it, do not fail. Never let the Romanian woman you see believe she is in your relationship alone. Always ensure that she feels heard. 

  • Buy her simple jewelry 

They love to accessorize, and not with expensive jewelry, just the kind that complement their regular outfit choices. So buy dainty and beautiful jewelry when you have the chance, and make her feel special with these small, thoughtful gifts.

  • Buy a present for her mother and sisters 

The Romanian family system is very close-knit, especially the women. If you are interested in one of them, it means you are interested in all of them. You can send a flower to her mother, sisters, and friends now and then to let them know that you respect their presence in their daughter’s life.

Things to Avoid When Dating a Romanian Girl

  • Don’t brag about your wealth and accomplishments

While Romanians will appreciate your life achievements, independence, good job, and talent, they won’t appreciate it when you brag about them. You will come across as arrogant because of this. Instead, always inquire about your date’s accomplishments and honestly speak about them. 

  • Dressing

When dating a Romanian girl, be careful how you dress, even if your date dresses casually. You don’t have to wear your best suit as a man, but you do need to make sure your outfit matches the event. Ask her if you are still deciding what to wear to a play or an anniversary. She will be happy to offer guidance.

  • Never decline food when you visit their family

When a Romanian lady invites you to their home, know they took the time to prepare everything before you arrived: cooking, cleaning the house, and dressing up. Refusing to eat is considered impolite in traditional families, but complimenting the food is always appreciated.

  • Avoid discussing sensitive topics

On first dates, you shouldn’t ask sensitive questions about the other person’s life or bring up all the stereotypes you’ve heard or imagined. Instead, take the time to get to know the person before discussing these things.


How to know if a Romanian Girl Likes You?

The Romanian woman might like you if you look at these clues:

  • She’s stunning after seeing her

Despite your best efforts to avoid appearing desperate, you cannot avoid her gaze. However, you can flirt with her by smiling at her, and if she smiles back, you’ve won the first battle.

  • She might be nervous

A Romanian woman attracted to a man acts in several ways that indicate her nervousness. For example, you can be sure that you will have a lot of luck with her if she can’t stop running her hand through her hair.

  • If you had a smooth conversation

While conversing with her, be attentive, and if the conversation flows easily, we can assume that you are not uninterested in her.

  • If she agrees to give you her number

You can be sure that she wants to learn more about you if she agrees to give you her phone number. It is an excellent start. 

  • Her response after telling her your feelings

You will learn a lot more about her on your first date, at which point you can tell her everything you want from her and make bold statements. You will know from her response whether or not you are about to start a relationship with her.

Are Romanian Women Good in Bed?

Women of Romania are known for their passionate love lives. They are open to trying new things and experimenting in bed and want to please their partners. Therefore, Romanian women are attractive and sought-after partners due to their enthusiasm and willingness to experiment. 

They know how to use their bodies to delight themselves and their partners and are self-assured in their sexuality. 

What are the gender roles in Romania?

Traditionally, Romanian families are patriarchal, with male lineage passing through the family. Most of the time, men are the ones who make the most money, but women usually take care of the house and take care of the kids. However, Romanian women hold significant authority in their households as mothers and grandmothers. 

All women generally have the opportunity to pursue higher education, and many also work to increase household income. However, they participate in the labor market differently because of their domestic role. 

Are Romanian Women Religious?

Numerous Romanian women’s religious practices include regular attendance at church, prayer, and participation in religious celebrations and rituals. Nevertheless, it is essential to remember that not all Romanian women practice religion. Since more and more women choose to live without religious affiliation, there has been a growing trend toward secularism in Romania over the past few years.

These women may practice their faith more intimately and personally or reject religion.

What is the Fertility Rate in Romania?

Since the previous year, the total fertility rate in Romania has decreased to 1.6 children per woman. In 2020, this indicated a decrease of -11.3 percent or 0.2 children per woman. It isn’t because the ladies are infertile; instead, it’s an indication of the culture in the country where families don’t have as many kids anymore.

Do Romanian women speak a different language?

Romanian girls can be perceived as uneducated and lacking in English proficiency in the West. However, the opposite is the reality. Girls in Romania get a good education and start learning English at a young age.

They can easily communicate with people from other countries, and you might also pick up some Romanian as your relationship develops.

Will I need to win over my Romanian girlfriend’s parents?

Absolutely! Many Romanian women don’t leave the family home until they find a man to marry because they are so close to their parents. So although your Romanian girlfriend won’t press you too hard to meet her parents, you should be aware that it will happen eventually and that you will need to do everything in your power to win them over.

At what age are Romanian women ready for marriage?

Because family is most important to Romanians, particularly to women, getting married early is standard practice. In contrast to girls in Western Europe and the United States, Romanian women wait until their 30s to get married. In Romania, women in big cities typically tie the knot in their late twenties. Girls from rural areas have much earlier children: between ages 18 and 23.

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