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A Guide on Russian Women: Why They Make the Best Wives

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Generally, Russian women are attractive. The beauty of these women puts them among the most beautiful women in the world. But, aside from their stunning looks, these women possess other unique characteristics that attract men to them. This guide will divulge everything you need to know about them and where you can meet them.

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What Are Russian Women Like?

The popularity of Russian women is due to their looks and personality, which this section will address in detail.


When you meet Russian girls, you will be amazed by their appearance, with factors like height, average weight, eye color, etc., being in the range of what men want.

Facial features

The average Russian girl’s eyes complement the rest of her lovely facial features. While the color ranges from dark brown to blue to green to gray, the Russians often have bold, unashamed looks, drawing attention to the eyes.

These ladies also have thin lips and prominent brows to complement their tiny noses. The flowing hair contributes to their stunning looks, although these ladies often try to play down their hair’s contribution to their beauty.

Body structure and complexion

Most Russian women are tall. Their heights help them command attention wherever they go. They typically have fair skin, but you might come across exceptions due to the increasingly normalized interracial marriages in the country. Add their tiny waists and great posture; you have all the factors to get men interested.


Beauty is not the only reason why most Western men want the chance of dating Russian girls. The personality of these women is also outstanding.

They are gregarious

Another reason why these women are famous is their outgoing nature. Russian women are warm and open. If you stroll into any night spot in Kazan, Moscow, St. Petersburg, or other cities, you will find pretty women dancing and having fun. Mingling with these women is easy if you have the right attitude.

They have an eye for fashion

The elegance of Russian women is evident in how they dress. If you go out on the streets of Russia, you will meet Russian girls wearing anything from coats and sweatshirts to denim and pants, and they’ll look gorgeous. Any man dating Russian girls will have no trouble finding what to wear for any event because they will guide him on what is best.

They are confident

Nobody comes close to Russian ladies when it comes to tenacity, self-confidence, and determination. They persevere and have a drive for success.

If a Russian girl decides to do something, she will see it through. And if she encounters obstacles, she will do anything to succeed, even if it involves questionable approaches.

Russian Women Stereotypes

This section contains exciting facts you may not know about Russian women.

Society forces women to marry early

Russia has a traditionalist and staunchly patriarchal culture. Even though men and women have equal rights in the country, men continue to hold most of society’s leading positions. Women typically focus on child care and household duties. However, despite the apparent disparity in gender rights, women are not forced to marry as most Westerners believe.

The reason why Russian women marry while they are younger is preference. Rather than waiting until their 30s, they marry young and start families. These women know that aging reduces their chances of marrying their ideal men.

Their beauty depends on beauty products

These women rarely leave the house without wearing makeup. Physical attractiveness is valuable in Russia; hence, women strive to look stunning, regardless of price. This factor supports the erroneous belief that a Russian’s beauty depends on chemical products. Though Russian ladies use beauty enhancers, they are still attractive without them.

Statistics You Should Know About Russian Women

There are some interesting general-purpose information you may need to learn about Russian women. Find out these facts to help you understand them.

Violence against women in Russia

Reports suggest that one out of five women of Russia are victims of Domestic violence. Women face domestic abuse, which poses a significant threat to their rights.

Domestic violence in Russia that does not result in substantial injury is not considered a crime for first-time offenders— this law indirectly encourages violence against women in the country. Moreover, most abuse goes unreported; hence, most men labeled “first-time offenders” probably have abused their wives for quite some time.

More women, fewer men

One reason Russian women emphasize looks is their relatively higher population— more women compete to win the few men’s hearts. Russia has a gender ratio of 86 men to 100 women, less than the global average of 101 women to 100 men.

Russian Mail Order Brides Divorce Statistics

Russia has one of the highest divorce rates in the world. The country has a divorce rate of 4.7 per 1000 people. The main reason for divorces in Russia is poverty and misunderstanding between partners.

What Makes Them Different from Other European Women?

Several characteristics set Russian women apart from their continental counterparts. You may not find other women with the right blend of pleasant traits like these anywhere else.

They are forward with their thoughts

While many European women bottle up their emotions, Russian girls learn to express themselves. These women are not afraid of saying things as they are.

If you meet Russian girls, you will be impressed by their honesty. The behavior will guarantee that you know where you stand with these ladies and will know if you ever step out of line.

They are the boldest ladies in Europe

Women in Russia mirror the belief that Russians are bold and self-assured. While women in other European countries are gritty, none come close to Russian girls. The confidence and bravery of Russian women are outstanding. This trait helps them get through challenging times and is helpful when you have them as wives.

They are goal-driven

The majority of women in Russia pursue higher education because they value achievement. These women are more goal-oriented than women from other countries, hence their popularity. Despite the challenges of maintaining their household and raising children, they never lose sight of their ultimate goals in life.

Russian chicks

Do Russian Women Make Good Wives?

Men dating Russian women usually end up marrying them because of the special traits they possess. Below are some of these qualities.

They put family over everything

The emphasis Russian wives place on family is outstanding. These women go to great lengths to guarantee satisfaction for their parents, husbands, and children. To them, it is honorable to follow in their mother’s footsteps and become housekeepers. Irrespective of their jobs, their familial duties are principal.

They make the best meals

Women in Russia learn to cook from a young age and continue to learn new recipes as they grow. So you can count on your Russian wife to make the best meals like Ukha, Borscht, Shchi, Solyanka, etc. Aside from Russian dishes, they make international meals.

So, regardless of your nationality, you can rest assured that your Russian girl will try to learn how to prepare your traditional dishes so that you always feel welcome. From the day you propose to your Russian girlfriend, you can say goodbye to eating at restaurants, except on dates.

They are support systems

Families in Russia rest on the shoulders of the women. Women like these are the best at caring for their families and providing excellent support to their husbands. They support and guide their partners in this role to make the best choices possible. On hectic days, Russian women provide all the support to help their men stay fresh and happy.

These ladies are also great gist partners and jesters. You won’t have a dull time with your Russian woman; she may even joke about your friends, looks, or emotional state. Though their jokes may be extreme sometimes, remember that it is only a joke.

Where to meet Russian Women in Russia

You can visit Russia to meet Russian girls. Several cities around the country provide exciting sights if you travel there.


Moscow is one of the world’s largest cities. Aside from the beauty of the city, there are places you can relax and enjoy the sight. You will also meet Russian girls ready to mingle in the following locations.


You may dine at any number of upscale restaurants in Moscow. They serve traditional Russian dishes like shchi, ukha, borscht, etc.

Anderson, BoEmi, Lyubov Pirogova, AnderSon Lva Tolstogo, etc., are only a few examples. Visit these places in the afternoon to meet Russian girls.

Sport centers

You can visit any of the numerous sports facilities in the city to meet Russian girls. These ladies flood the stadiums to watch their favorite teams like Spartak Moscow, CSKA, Lokomotiv Moscow, Spartak Moscow, and Chertanovo play.

There are other sports centers and gyms where you can visit to meet Russian girls. Some are Pride Club Fitness, Usadba Deda Moroza, PARK LEGEND, Lay Back Massage Club, etc.


If you plan on dating a Russian woman, you can meet them in Kazan. These women are gregarious and seek companionship. When in Kazan, be sure to stop by these locations.


There is no point in staying in your room when you can party it up with beautiful ladies at local nightclubs. If you’re not a spectacular dancer, relax with a drink and take in the sight of these stunning Russian women as they show off their moves. Lounge 3D Cinema, RV Club, Barsuk strip club, Hookah Rooms, Nashe Mesto, Smotri I Poi, etc., are a few nightclubs you can visit.


Kazan is home to numerous places of worship where you can pray and participate in other spiritual activities. These churches are great places to meet Russian girls looking for romantic partners. The Pyatnickaya Church, Holy Cross Parish, Tikhvinskaya Tserkov’ Bozh’yey Materi, etc., are only a few examples.

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Where to Meet Russian Women Online?

You can meet these women from the comfort of your home with an internet connection. There are numerous women in Russia on these platforms ready to meet a foreigner that meets their standards.

Using Russian mail-order platforms to meet Russian girls is safe and inexpensive. Instead of paying thousands of dollars to travel over 5,400 miles to Russia, you can meet hot Russian women free on mail-order platforms. Also, you won’t have to pay for dates and hotel lodgings; you have to register on the platform.

Most people use the brides’ services because they feel more secure doing so. They don’t have to worry about a boyfriend or ex butting in if he finds them with his girl on the streets. The Russian mail-order brides’ websites promote discretion, keeping their users safe.

How to Impress a Russian Girl

When you meet a Russian woman you like, impressions are essential. So follow these tips below to impress them.

Visit her with gifts

Always show up with a gift when you visit the house of a Russian bride. If you aren’t sure what to get her, ask.

Alternatively, find out what presents are ideal for a first date; you can buy her drinks, clothes, or flowers. She will learn to reciprocate if you make it a habit to give her things.

Eat with her

Know the meals to expect in Russia before meeting your Russian girl. They may serve dishes like Ukha, Borscht, Pelmeni, Pirozhki, Kasha (Porridge), Okroshka, etc.

Refusing meals is impolite. So, you must eat with your Russian lady friend. You can also learn to make foreign dishes to impress her.

Learn about Russia

If you travel to Russia to meet Russian girls, you will make a fool of yourself if you visit without research. Making a good impression on your girlfriend is crucial, so learning about their country will help you have a more meaningful conversation with them. In addition, it will show that you respect their nation.

How to Date a Russian Girl: 4 Tips

These tips below will guide you on dating a Russian girl and how to impress her.

She is not after your money, so don’t show off

Do not try to impress a Russian girl financially. These women seek genuine men who can contribute meaningfully to their lives. If you spend money on her, she may think it is what you can offer. On the other hand, a wealthy Russian lady might marry an unemployed man she loves if he meets her standards; this shows that these women are not materialistic and don’t like it when you overspend on them.

Don’t try too hard to please her

Russian women expect their men to handle their unreasonable behavior without pleading but by setting her straight or moving on. Also, these women do not like it when their men hold grudges. You should be able to forgive and forget if she does wrong since she will do the same. Your Russian lady will dislike it if you take too long to bring up something that upsets you.

Conduct yourself like a gentleman

In Russia, females value politeness from their men. So take your Russian woman on dates, day and night— in nightclubs and restaurants. Then, when you go out, hold the door open for her, pay the bills, and walk her back to the apartment while you’re out with her.

Hype her up

Dating a Russian girl requires you to compliment her appearance. So when you go on dates, remember to tell your girl how beautiful she is, her hair, clothes, or smile. Russian women value compliments since they show that you are observant and are into her.

meet Russian girls

Things to Avoid When Dating a Russian Girl

Dating a Russian woman is the first step if you want to marry her. Dating them allows you to know and understand these women before deciding if you want to spend the rest of your life with them. Below are some things you must avoid when dating a Russian woman.

Know when to talk

You can’t talk to anyone you meet when you go out with your Russian girl. You must keep in mind that these women can be jealous and will not be pleased if you go about talking to every girl.

Making things about you

No woman wants a man who makes things about himself; women find these men unattractive. You need to give your Russian woman a chance to share her thoughts and feelings about the world and you. You can ask her questions and get her to open up; this will help you discover more about her.

Inconsistent men

If you know you won’t be able to make consistent calls, don’t bother starting. Instead, limit yourself to what you’re capable of, and always honor your word to your Russian girl. These ladies love trustworthy and reliable men.

Marrying a Russian Woman: 3 Wedding Customs You Should Know

When you meet a Russian woman you like and decide to take the next step; the following are some vital Russian wedding traditions you should keep in mind.


To Russian Orthodox Christians, a wedding is one of the seven sacraments, and the crowning of the bride and groom takes precedence over the exchanging of rings. For the crowning, the couple stands on a rose-colored cloth while the officiating priest places the crowns on their heads.

As a symbol of their new life together, you and your Russian bride will share a cup of wine and then circle the lectern with the priest three times.

Visiting the Zapis Aktov Grazhdanskogo Sostoyaniya

While there is no single prescribed way to tie the knot in Russia, the legality of the union is confirmed when the couple visits the Zapis Aktov Grazhdanskogo Sostoyaniya, the registration office.

The civil marriage registration ceremony can be brief; the couple signs the papers in an office and proceeds to the reception. However, the couples may also decide to have an elaborate celebration after signing.

Paying the Ransom

In some parts of the world, the groom must pay a certain amount as a dowry to the bride’s family. Russians call this practice ‘paying the ransom’ — a traditional joke. It also involves having the groom carry out specific challenges before he sees his bride. 


How to know if a Russian Girl Likes You?

Hiding feelings is not a Russian thing. Russian girls are ready to show their love for a man through words or actions. If a Russian girl likes you, she will give you lots of attention. Expect her to call or text you regularly and show concern when you are not okay. She will always be where you are and would jump on the chance to meet your friends and family.

Are Russian Women Good in Bed?

Russian women are sexually curious and do not disappoint in bed. These women have all it takes to make a man satisfied. Since sex is not a taboo topic in the country, it is typical for a Russian girl to learn new styles of pleasing her man.

What are the gender roles in Russia?

In Russia, there is equality between men and women. However, specific roles are reserved for women. For instance, caregiving, giving birth, and cooking are reserved for women, while men act as protectors and providers of their families.

Are Russian Women Religious?

Russian women are mostly Christians. Compared to men, they have a higher commitment to their religion. Some of these women are Orthodox Christians, while others are Protestants and Catholics. You will also find some practicing Judaism, Islam, Shamanism, and Buddhism.

Are Russian Girls Friendly to Foreigners?

Most Russian women are open and friendly to foreigners. Also, these women are ready to marry a foreign man who meets their standards. The reason why these women register on mail-order brides’ platforms is to meet foreign men.

What is the Fertility Rate in Russia?

Russia has one of the lowest fertility rates in the world. In 2022, the county recorded 1.824 births per woman, representing a 0.05 percent increase from 2021. This low birth rate, however, doesn’t mean the average Russian woman isn’t interested in having a big family if her husband can afford to support it.

Are Russian Women Ready to Relocate to Another Country?

If a Russian woman meets a man she likes, she would be ready to relocate with him. However, these women are not in a hurry to leave their country. So, they can only leave Russia if they feel the conditions are right.

Why are Russian Brides Looking for a Foreign Husband?

There are many reasons why Russian women are looking for foreign partners. The most obvious is that women still experience domestic violence in Russia. Most Russian girls have been victims of domestic violence, either from their husbands or boyfriends. Hence, they decide to look at men from other countries.

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