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Danish Women: Everything You Need to Know About These Progressive Ladies

💋 Female Population 3,0m
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💍 Average Age of Marriage 32 y.o.
👼🏻 Average Fertility Rate 1,7
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Danish women are unique. Between 2019 and 2021, this country was ranked as the second happiest country in the world. The women here are hard to surprise. They look for equal partners in men, not mysterious princes. Find out how to win them over and if it’s worth the effort!

Description And Interesting Facts About Danish Women

These beautiful women deserve your attention because they have so much to offer. They look good and have a special character. Explore them in more detail!


Typical appearance of a Danish woman:

  • blonde hair;
  • blue or gray eyes;
  • pronounced cheekbones;
  • sharp facial features;
  • high stature;
  • strong, athletic build.

They have fair skin but love the sun and tanning. Due to the lack of sun in their country, they often use a self-tanner or tanning bed, so many Danish women have a nice tan.

A healthy lifestyle is popular in Denmark. Girls follow their health and diet and do a lot of sports. That’s why they have good skin and a nice trim figure.

In this country, they value content more than looks. Women here prefer natural beauty. Therefore, plastic surgery and beauty procedures are not very popular. But there is a separate category of young girls who get their breasts enlarged. Danish women are also very fond of tattoos.

They prefer comfortable and practical clothes to fashionable and glamorous ones.


Women of Denmark feel confident. They are valued by men, which is why these girls know their worth. At first glance, they appear closed, but when you get to know them better, their warm and simple disposition reveals itself.

Here are the special traits noticeable in native women:

  • They don’t like to stay put.
  • Danish girls feel confident in male company.
  • They don’t pay attention to the external qualities of men.
  • They have a friendly attitude toward other women.
  • They have a calm character and do not have temper tantrums.

In Denmark, a lot of attention is paid to gender equality. That is why women are emancipated here.

Attitudes towards finances

The hallmark of every Danish woman is her ability to earn money on an equal footing with her man. They strive to provide a decent life for themselves on their own. These girls like to pay their way.

They have a normal attitude towards splitting the bills equally. This is evident both during casual encounters in cafes and outings and their life together. They do not think that men should earn more.


Danish women always have separate interests. At a young age, when they need to build a career, they still find time for a hobby. Their main hobbies:

  • sports: yoga, CrossFit, fitness;
  • outdoor recreation: hiking, relaxing by the sea;
  • dancing: going to discos or dance classes.

Thanks to this, there is always something to talk about with them.

Stereotypes About Danish Women

There are several opinions about women in Denmark that are often found among foreigners but are not true. Here are three main stereotypes and their refutation:

  • These women are rude. The reason is that they don’t have a lot of polite phrases and constructions in their speech. They communicate simply, but they never insult or humiliate others.
  • Women in Denmark are not beautiful. Indeed, it’s rare that a young Danish girl pays much attention to her beauty. But that doesn’t mean they look bad. They look neat and have nice features.
  • Women in this country drink a lot of beer. Girls here like beer, but mostly lead a healthy lifestyle and drink alcohol infrequently.

Statistics You Should Know About Danish Women

Interesting figures that will tell you more about Women in Denmark:

  • In 2022, Denmark was named one of the best countries for women (4th in the world).
  • In February 2021, women held 39.7% of parliamentary seats.
  • In 2018, 3.3% of women reported being abused.
  • Girls over 20 spend more time on housework (15.6%) than men (11.3%).

It is clear from the statistics that women feel good about themselves in their country, which affects their character and behavior with men.

What Makes Them Different from Other European Women?

Europe is very diverse, and so are the women in it. But some characteristics make Danish ladies different from the rest of Europe.

They don’t want to emphasize their femininity

These girls are confident enough in themselves and their natural beauty. They are used to men in their country paying attention to them, even if they are not dressed up. Therefore, they are not characterized by sexy outfits, evening dresses, and high heels. Even on dates, Danish women dress simply.

They don’t wear a lot of make-up

In many other European countries, like France, Italy, or Spain, girls like to wear colorful makeup. In Denmark, on the contrary, make-up is used in natural colors and only for special occasions. For instance, on holidays.

They cultivate autonomy in their children

Young mothers here try to put their children in nursery school as early as possible to have enough time to develop their careers.

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Do Danish Women Make Good Wives?

If the ideal wife for you develops with her husband, can hold an interesting conversation, and doesn’t sit still, then yes, the Danish wife is a good match for you.

It is easy to discuss all problems with them

If there’s a conflict, you can’t keep quiet. With a Danish woman, everything has to be discussed. Find compromises, give in, and show respect – that’s what you need to do to be comfortable with such a girl.

Housework is the responsibility of both partners

Women in Denmark don’t think that only they have to clean and look after the children. For them, it is perfectly normal not to do it if they are tired or just don’t feel like it.

They contribute to the family budget

These women do not like to be idle. They devote a lot of time to their career and know how to earn money, so it’s not just the husband who brings finances to the family, but also the wife.

Planning is the key to a peaceful relationship

Danish wives like to plan everything. They need to have a clear future, not a blurred one. That’s why weekend plans will need to be made at the beginning of the week.

Where to Meet Danish Women in Denmark?

If you want to see this beautiful country and get to know its pretty women, you should visit Copenhagen. It is the largest city in Denmark with the largest population in the country.

There are nightclubs and bars like:

  • Taphouse;
  • Curfew;
  • Peders.

Dating a Danish woman is also possible while walking through the lively areas:

  • Port district Nyhavn;
  • Town Hall Square;
  • the city’s most crowded streets.

But because Copenhagen is the capital and one of the most beautiful cities in the world, there are a lot of tourists. So it’s not easy to find the natives. There are other cities where it’s easier to meet Danish women.


The oldest city in the country, and the second largest in size and population. A famous national university is located here, so there are a lot of young people in the city. It’s easy to meet Danish women here just by visiting a few pubs on the city’s main street.


There’s a theater here that attracts international celebrities and often hosts local events. It’s also where the Medieval Festival takes place. This takes place every year in the second half of August, and many beautiful Danish residents can be found here.


Another place with a lot of students and adults who prefer an active lifestyle. It has an active nightlife. There is also the Aalborg Carnival with parties and performances by famous artists. All the locals attend. If you want to get there and meet Danish girls, come to Denmark in May.

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Where to Meet Danish Women Online?

Dating a Danish girl is not an easy task. These girls are not always open to contact, which can disappoint a foreign visitor. Also, not everyone has the time or desire to travel to a faraway country to meet a girl there.

To make it easier for men to meet Danish women, there are specialized international marriage agencies. These are the best places to meet girls from Denmark because women register there specifically to meet foreign men and communicate with them. On these platforms, it is easier to find a girl and get to know her than offline.

How to Impress a Danish Girl

Girls in this country do not demand much from men. To impress them, you don’t have to be rich, wear brands, or shower them with gifts. It’s more important to meet other criteria.

  • Be polite. Give Danish women a graceful compliment, but not about their appearance. Assess her mind, outlook on life, or passion. She will appreciate it much more.
  • Show your self-sufficiency. You need to have a job you love, be good at it, and be able to provide a comfortable life for a woman to be interested in you.
  • Discuss the important points at once. Girls in this country love directness. Being able to talk openly about your desires and outlook on life is very important when dating Danish women.
  • Be loyal. It is important to accept her opinion and respect it, even if you don’t agree. You can speak your mind but also listen to her with interest.

How to Date a Danish Girl: 5 Tips

Dating Danish girls is sometimes difficult even for local men. These women are unlikely to chat with you if you just approach them on the street. But there are some tips to help you not just get to know them, but to date them successfully.

  • Get in her circle of friends. Get to know the local guys first and meet the girls through them. This way she’ll trust you more and you can get a date quickly enough.
  • Show your stability. In everything: in your work, in your relationship with her, in your hobbies. Danish women love stability, they love planning and imagining their lives ahead of time. Give them that.
  • Demonstrate your intelligence. On dates, spend more time on heart-to-heart and intellectual conversations rather than partying. Ask her out not just to clubs and cafes, but also for hikes, museums, and theater.
  • Be prepared that she won’t always have time for you. Respect Danish women’s personal space. React calmly when she goes out with friends without you or wants to spend time alone. She will appreciate your loyalty.
  • Develop the relationship slowly. You’ll have to get to know each other well for the relationship to become serious. So you need to talk a lot, clarify principles and values, find compromises and work on the relationship.
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Things to Avoid When Dating a Danish women

There are quite a few things that no Danish lady would appreciate. Here’s what it is better not to do:

  • Do not violate her privacy (get too jealous, call her when she’s out with friends, ask about her whereabouts, etc.).
  • Avoid bragging. In Denmark, they live by Jante’s Law. They don’t put themselves above others. So don’t talk about your wealth or accomplishments.
  • Do not insist on paying her bills. Otherwise, the girl will feel as if she owed you something, and this is not what Danish women like.
  • Do not impose your views. Danish women have their own opinion and it’s not a good idea to change them.
  • Do not be too courteous. Avoid trying to give up your seat, open the door for her, and generally do what she can do on her own, without her asking.

Women in this country consider themselves equal to men. If you are a fan of the old gender traditions, you won’t get anywhere with a girl from Denmark.

Marrying a Danish Woman: 3 Interesting Wedding Customs

Modern weddings in Denmark do not always follow Scandinavian traditions. Danish women now have an easier attitude and prefer modest weddings and travel to lavish parties. However, there are interesting traditions that some follow, as it is deeply ingrained in their culture:

  • The girl must wear four things to the wedding: something new, something old, something borrowed and something blue.
  • The bride and groom go to the wedding separately. First the groom, then the bride. After that, the ceremony begins, led by a priest or host.
  • Before the banquet, the guests congratulate the husband and wife in a strict hierarchy: first the parents, then the close and distant relatives, and then friends.

No parental blessing or other permission is needed to propose marriage to a Danish woman. In this country, it is enough that the woman has decided to accept the proposal.


How to know if a Danish girl likes You?

It’s very simple — a Danish woman will tell you about this herself. If a girl is interested, she will accept signs of your attention and agree to meetings and correspondence. Also, these girls are not shy about being straightforward about their feelings and are willing to make physical contact.

Are Danish women good in bed?

Sex is not a taboo for women in Denmark. Grown-up girls are usually experienced in intimacy and have good skills. But a man should be prepared for awkward discussions about what she doesn’t like in bed and what she won’t do.

What are the gender roles in Denmark?

Men and women in this country are equal partners. They contribute equally to family development, childcare, and housework. Danish women and men earn the same. There is gender equality in Denmark.

Are Danish women religious?

Protestantism is common in Denmark, but the population, including women, is not religious. They do not live by Biblical principles. According to statistics, only 19% of the inhabitants consider religion to be something important. Therefore, faith is not imposed here and women are not keen on it.

Are Danish girls friendly to foreigners? 

Danish women are not too keen on talking to foreigners, especially if you come to their country and try to meet them on the street. But they will be more favorable to you if you introduce yourself through a dating website or become part of their company.

What is the fertility rate in Denmark?

According to statistics for 2022, the fertility rate in this country is 1.7. In this country, it is rare to find a family with many children. Women usually do not want more than one child.

How to give gifts to girls from Denmark?

If you want to give a gift to a Danish woman, know that she can buy what she wants too. It’s better to find out right away how she feels about surprises. If positive, take her to a new place and give her an experience, not a new perfume or jewelry.

How old are women in Denmark at the moment they get married?

There is no rush to get married in this country. It is customary to build a career and secure a stable financial position before getting married and planning children. In 2021, the average age of marriage for women was 36.4 years.

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