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Charming Portuguese Women: How to Win Their Heart

💋 Female Population 5,5m
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💍 Average Age of Marriage 31 y.o.
👼🏻 Average Fertility Rate 1,4

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When we imagine a Portuguese woman, a charming brunette with wet eyes, a dreamy look, and long hair playing with the ocean breeze comes to mind. This is approximately the case in reality. Portuguese women are known for their extraordinary beauty, but this is far from all their charms.

What Are Portuguese Women Like?

Portugal is a European country whose shores are washed by the stormy waters of the Atlantic Ocean. The women who live here are distinguished by their specific beauty and character.


What is the standard of beauty in Portugal and what do most Portuguese women look like? Find out what features of the appearance of Portuguese ladies attract the opposite sex.

Southern hotness

A typical Portuguese woman has dark hair and eyes, and a complexion that is called Mediterranean – an olive skin tone. It looks attractive and erotic as it brings out the passionate nature of Portuguese chicks.

Stunning figure

The standard of beauty in Portugal is a tall and slender girl with strong legs and voluminous hips. It is worth noting that in Portugal it is difficult to meet an overweight woman, but here many girls have wide hips and large breasts.


The Portuguese women look alluring not only because of their natural features but also in their ability to take care of themselves and their sense of style. An average Portuguese woman is a tidy person with a luxurious hairstyle and flawless manicure. Portuguese women invest a lot of resources in their health and beauty, so they feel and look perfect.


The character traits of the average Portuguese woman are as attractive as her appearance.

Friendly and open

Portuguese women are friendly to others and always in the circle of friends. They are open to communication and always willing to meet new people.

Modest and conservative

Portuguese women are traditional and conservative. These girls maintain a sense of formality in communication with each other, which manifests itself in the form of extreme politeness. In addition, despite their passionate nature, Portuguese women know how to behave modestly and politely in society.

Loose and self-sufficient

Portuguese women feel pretty good both in the company of other people and alone. They can advise themselves without relying on others. This is their strength because this characteristic makes them freer and at the same time self-confident.

Interesting and creative

Portuguese women are familiar with a sense of style and the ability to present themselves in the best light. At the same time, their creative natures are guided exclusively by their own taste, which is impeccable. Walking through any city in Portugal, you will see many interesting personalities. But they become even more interesting when you talk to them.

Kind and gentle

Portuguese women are known for their kindness. They are willing to help anyone, even if they don’t know that person. You can count on them in any situation, as Portuguese girls will not let you down, but will always support those who need it.

Portuguese Women Stereotypes

There are stereotypes about Portuguese women. Not all of them are completely true, but they are also based on certain grounds.

They are melancholic

You can hear about the Portuguese that they are somewhat pensive and sad, but at the same time satisfied with their feelings. It is difficult to call Portuguese women sad. Rather, from time to time they have a somewhat dreamy state when you just want to meditate, sit on the beach alone and not see anyone. The Portuguese are also people and want personal space.

They are passive

Due to the fact that Portuguese women behave somewhat modestly, the impression was made that they do not want to take initiative and responsibility for anything. This is not entirely accurate, because the modesty of Portuguese women aims at exceptionally correct behavior in society and does not demonstrate their indifference, but only education and discretion.

Statistics You Should Know About Portuguese Women

As of 2022, the population of Portugal is 10,270,865 people. The Sex Ratio in Portugal in 2021 is 89.84 males per 100 females. There are 4.81 million males and 5.36 million females in Portugal. The percentage of the female population is 52.68% compared to 47.32% male population. Portugal has 0.54 million more females than males.

Under the Civil Code of 1996, the minimum legal age of marriage is 18 years. However, individuals aged 16 and over can marry with parental consent.

Do Portuguese Women Make Good Wives?

Portuguese wives can boast of qualities that men prefer to see in their women. It clearly suggests attachment to the family, the desire to please one’s partner, and ensure comfort in the home. Portuguese women are exemplary housewives, who constantly clean their homes to perfection, and look for recipes for delicious dishes to surprise and please relatives and guests. These hotties are very active and will always find a useful activity or interesting hobby for themselves at home. The kindness and friendliness of Portuguese women set men in a positive mood. A Portuguese woman will do everything to ensure that her husband has a good rest at home.

A Portuguese woman will do everything to make her family’s leisure time useful and pleasant. She is a wonderful mother and adores children, she wants to spend as much time with them as possible. In general, a man can fully count on a Portuguese woman when it comes to her support, help, or friendly advice.

Where to meet Portuguese Women in Portugal? 

Every year, Portugal attracts tourists from all over the world with famous resorts where the ocean and nature combine with alluring architecture. You can go to big cities or coastal resorts to meet Portuguese women.


Lisbon is the capital of Portugal with a lot of tourist locations, castles, parks, and pretty houses in pastel shades. In addition, it is located on the shore of the Atlantic Ocean, and there are beach resorts in the vicinity.

Café in Lisboa: Café Lisboa, Fábrica Coffee Roasters.

Bars in Lisboa: Sabor Mineiro Lisboa, Restaurante Tágide, Red Frog Speakeasy.
Nightclubs in Lisboa: Kremlin, Ministerium Club, Club Noir. 


A city on the northwestern coast of Portugal with majestic bridges and wineries producing port wine. Portu has a romantic and relaxed mood, which is very inspiring to meet the alluring Portuguese beauties.

Cafes in Portu: Majestic Café, Negra Café Baixa, C’alma Coffee Room. 

Bars in Porto: Bonaparte Downtown, Adega Sports Bar, The Gin Club.

Nightclubs in Portu: Plano B, Boîte, Lust Porto.


The capital of the Algarve region in the south of Portugal. One of the city’s main attractions is the Arca da Vila gate in the neoclassical style, which used to be part of the wall of the Moorish fortress. The monumental arch leads to the old town with cobbled streets. You will definitely meet an enigmatic Portuguese girl at one of them, with whom you will not want to part. 

Cafes in Faro: Café Zé-Zéa, Baixacaffé, Ponto Expresso.
Bars in Faro: Columbus, Piper’s Irish Pub, Anchor.
Nightclubs in Faro: Prestige Dance Club, First Floor, Twice. 

Where to Meet Portuguese Women Online?

If you purposefully want to meet a Portuguese woman, you can first not go to the country, but try your luck on the Internet. You can find profiles of many young and attractive Portuguese singles on specialized sites for finding brides. They registered there specifically to meet a man from abroad for a long-term relationship and start a family.

Such sites are primarily a proven and safe way to meet Portuguese girls and get a closer look at the interlocutor before setting her up for the first date.

How to Impress a Portuguese Girl

Portuguese women are quite easy to communicate with, it is very easy to make friends with them, but it is a little more difficult to create a romantic relationship. The fact is that Portuguese women are quite conservative and even old-fashioned when it comes to relationships. Light flirting is not interesting to them, as Portuguese girls want to have a serious relationship and rarely agree to anything else.

Therefore, the first step in getting closer should be to convince a Portuguese woman that you are serious about her. She needs to know that you want a family to take care of and consider her as a future wife. This attitude of a man, together with a positive attitude and adequate manifestations of care, is able to conquer the heart of a Portuguese woman.

How to Date a Portuguese Girl: 4 Tips

If you are patient and have memorable first dates, there is a chance to create a wonderfully strong bond with a Portuguese girl. Learn more about the dating culture in Portugal and try to impress a Portuguese girl.

Be interesting

You must, first of all, be an interesting personality that will attract the attention of a Portuguese woman. The girls in this country are very intelligent and prefer to talk more than anything. Get her interested in some conversation topics or excursions to places she hasn’t been.

Have fun together

For a Portuguese woman, it is important to feel relaxed and not feel stiff on dates. To do this, do not hesitate to do things that will bring you both pleasure. It can be an amusement park, karaoke, or a joint trip to the shooting range. The main thing is that you both enjoy yourself and new experiences.

Give her unique presents

These should not be universal gifts, but things intended exclusively for her. For example, her favorite perfume or a rare book that she always dreamed of. Of course, for this, you need to know your loved one, listen to her carefully and ask what she likes and what she wants.

Spend as much time together as possible

At the first stages of acquaintance, the romantic moment and the understanding that the partner admires her and wants to be with her are important for Portuguese girls. Therefore, try to devote as much time as possible to each other, be together more often, and show care to the Portuguese woman so that she feels happy.

Things to Avoid When Dating a Portuguese Girl

There are things to avoid when dating, especially with Portuguese women. Especially with those with whom you want to spend your later days. These include the following. 

Vulgar words and behavior

When talking to a Portuguese girl with whom you are determined to have a long-term relationship, it is better to avoid swearing, and rude and vulgar words, as this can make a bad impression on her at the beginning of the relationship. Portuguese women love cultured men who are even more balanced and do not need to resort to obscene language.

Criticizing others

Don’t say bad things about other people when dating a Portuguese woman. Even if these people are really like that, it is better to avoid this topic. The Portuguese woman is convinced: you can learn about people not by what others say about them, but by what they say about others. Remember this and do not resort to unnecessary criticism.


How to know if a Portuguese Girl Likes You?

Usually, you will immediately know how a Portuguese woman feels about you. Portuguese girls are quite emotional in communication and are characterized by expressive facial expressions and gestures. A girl in love will reveal herself in non-verbal ways. But Portuguese women are brave, so they can say it directly.

Are Portuguese Women Good in Bed?

It is obvious that Portuguese women are passionate and ardent lovers. This is a characteristic feature of many representatives of southern and Mediterranean countries. Moreover, the Portuguese language itself is very exciting, and Portuguese women love to say pleasant things to their husbands in Portuguese.

What are the gender roles in Portugal?

In rural areas, the father is often the main source of income for many families, while the mother has to take care of the home and the children. Among upper-class and urban families, many family tasks are shared equally, and often regardless of gender, as in other European countries. 

Are Portuguese Women Religious? 

Portugal is one of the most religious countries in Europe, most Portuguese believe with certainty in the existence of God and religion is important in their lives. Today, the vast majority of Portuguese identify as Roman Catholic (81%).

What Fertility Rate is in Portugal?

The birth rate for Portugal in 2022 was 7.699 births per 1000 people, a 0.44% decline from 2021. The study shows that the low birth rate in the country is due to the fact that women prefer professional careers. Portugal is among the world’s only 91 countries with an average birth rate of less than two children. In Europe, only Cyprus has a lower birth rate.

What is the most interesting thing about Portuguese women?

The most characteristic feature of Portuguese women is their leisure. They are not in a hurry and can be late for meetings without considering it as a big disadvantage. Those who are used to the hustle and bustle of city life, this rhythm at the beginning surprises.

Do Portuguese women speak English?

The official language is Portuguese. However, many Portuguese know at least a basic level of English. Also, if you go to a tourist area, it will be easier to find English-speaking women.

How do Portuguese women like to relax?

In their free time, Portuguese girls like to sit in coastal cafes, leisurely drink coffee, and chat. Sometimes they like walking on the ocean coast.

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