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German Women: How, Where, And When You Can Meet Them For Dating And Marriage 

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👼🏻 Average Fertility Rate 1,6
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Germany is a country that has its warring past define its future. The nation is a reminder of the dark side of human nature, and it has monuments to prove this. But despite this history, the country also produced some of the strongest yet most feminine ladies in the world.

German beauties like Diana Amft and Alica Schmidt are as talented as they are gorgeous and have put the country back on the map as a choice destination for men. Meeting German women is among the top reason people visit tourist spots like the Neuschwanstein Castle and the Brandenburg Gate. But there are easier ways to meet these ladies, and this article will highlight some of them.

What Are German Women Like?

Men will sit for hours on a plane to Germany to see their women for different reasons. This section will show you why. 


German ladies are astonishingly beautiful; seeing them gets men thirsty. So here are some of these stunning physical attributes that will hold you spellbound:

They are lithe 

German women have gracefully slim bodies, which is the ideal body structure judging from modern social media standards. While you will still find many big-boned ladies in Germany, most are slim and look athletic. 

They have blue eyes 

Most women in Germany have either blue or green eyes, depending on their genetic makeup. But blue eyes are the most common in the country, and these ladies aren’t too shy to hold a gaze. So you will fancy German women if you are fascinated by people with alluring eyes.

They have long, curly, dark brown hair 

German women, especially those not influenced by the modern definition of fashion, have long curly brown hair. The more modern ones will have bleached-blonde straight hair that stops at their shoulders. Both kinds of women are hot and are understandably proud of their hair. 


German women have exciting personalities that make it easy to love and want to be with them. Here are some of these endearing traits:

They are calm 

German women have seen how the history of conflicts and violence can destroy a country, so they have chosen calmness as an approach to every situation. Therefore, you will rarely ever find a German woman ready to exchange words or get into a confrontation. Instead, they know how to talk their way out of any issue. 

They are suspicious of people

German women are not very trusting of people, especially strangers. Therefore, do not expect them to jump into your arms immediately when they meet you. These women will instead spend time observing and getting to know you, even after warming up to you. As a result of this trait, it is easy for them to see when you are not being true to them. 

They are honest 

German girls are known for their candidness; they will tell you how they feel about something and leave the reaction up to you. If you ask for her opinion, you can always trust your German girl to tell you the truth. This frankness stems from the belief that there is no reason to lie about something that is not a life-and-death situation.

They are intelligent 

German women have a wealth of knowledge from their eagerness to learn new things. Once you speak to the average German lady, you can immediately tell that she is intelligent, a trait many men would like to see in their wives and girlfriends.

German women stereotypes 

Women in Germany have a few stereotypes that people have used to describe them for the longest time. These stereotypes may or may not be accurate, but here are some of them: 

German women do not have feelings 

It is easy to buy into the assumption that German ladies are stoic, stonyhearted, and even ice-cold when expressing their feelings. Germany is not known for public displays of affection, and women are more conservative with their emotions than most. When some foreign men meet these ladies, they expect them to be very open with their feelings, and when they aren’t, they label the women as inexpressive. If you ever spend time trying to get to know these women in Germany, you will find that they are warm on the inside. 

German women are bad dancers 

German ladies are tall, and when tall people dance, it can look a bit awkward. It gets worse if the men trying to dance with them are shorter.  This size difference can lead to very awkward movements between the dancing couple. But, of course, most of the blame will be on the tall woman because she’s the most conspicuous on the dance floor. 

Statistics on German women

  • Women in Germany make up 50.4% of the entire population
  • Germany’s IT and statistics department has a percentage of 16.4% of women.
  • The average age for first birth for women in Germany is 30.5 years. 
  • 32% of the women in Germany between the ages of 35 to 39 fall in love at first sight.
  • Germany has a low unemployment rate for women, with only a 5.5% unemployment rate among the women of Germany. 

What makes them different from other European women?

Here are some of the things which set German girls apart from other European women: 

They do not dress for the male gaze 

Many European women dress to look good for men because they want that attention. German women wear what makes them comfortable, regardless of the presence of a man. When you see them in their outfits, they look like they do not have a single care in the world, and they probably don’t. 

They are not vain

Many women in Europe are vain, and men love that, but German women do not care for pride or keeping up appearances. As a result, German girls don’t go out of their way to impress men. This trait makes chasing and wooing them more interesting because men love challenging themselves and want to get ladies who other men can’t. 

They are more conservative 

European women are all over the place with their emotions when they like a man, and you can always tell it happens. However, the case is different for German women because they do the opposite when they meet a man they like. They withdraw and, sometimes, take time before they start becoming warm and affectionate towards the men. Part of this initial reluctance is down to their rational nature, trying to ensure they are making the right decision regarding who they love and trust.

German chicks

Do German Women Make Good Wives?

German brides are the choicest brides for men who want the best women in their lives. Here are a few of the reasons why German women make good wives:

You can rely on them

When you marry someone, you want to be able to rely on them, and German wives make it very easy for you to depend on them. You can leave things in their care and never worry about them because they will care for them and you. They also look out for your best interest, which is an excellent factor in the peaceful growth of young marriages.

They are excellent cooks 

German women learn to cook different meals when they are younger, and when they grow old, they get better at cooking. So when you marry them, you can always expect them to fix you something to eat whenever you require them to. And the best part is that they don’t do it out of obligation; they just love cooking for their families as long as you appreciate their efforts.

They stay loyal even in tough times 

Sometimes, women find excuses to cheat on their partners and exhibit other forms of disloyalty. However, your German wife will stay true to you if you remain faithful to her. You come first in her life, and nothing will change that. So, when push comes to shove, you can always trust that your German wife will have your back, which every man wants. 

Where To Meet German Women In Germany 

Germany is a great place to find a wife. If you want to meet German girls for marriage, you have to try the bars, restaurants, and parks in the country. Berlin, Dortmund, and Dusseldorf are some of the most exciting places for tourists to visit in search of love.

These three destinations have specific areas and locations with some of the finest German women you could ever come across. Here are the best bars, restaurants, and parks in Berlin, Dortmund, and Düsseldorf for men interested in picking up local girls. 


Berlin is the capital of Germany and easily the most populated city in the country; you can find everything and everyone you want in the city of Berlin. This city has women of all shapes, colors, and sizes, so you must go to the places we recommend for you below to find the women of your choice. 


Here are three of the restaurants in Berlin:

  • Nobelhart & Schmutzig 
  • Das Lokal 
  • 893 Ryotei 


Here are some of the bars in Berlin:

  • Becketts Kopf 
  • Klunkerkranich
  • Kantine am Berghain


Here are three beautiful parks in Berlin:

  • Britzer Garten 
  • Gleimstraße
  • Körnerpark 


Many will agree that Dortmund is the next most beautiful city in Germany. And if you are a football lover, you would have heard of Borussia Dortmund FC, which has a solid following of lovely ladies.

But you don’t need to visit the club stadium to see girls; you can find a German lady in the city’s restaurants and parks.


Here are some fantastic restaurants in Dortmund: 

  • Pfefferkorn
  • Hovels Hausbrauerei 
  • Osteria al Vecchio Torchio


Here are three excellent bars in Dortmund:

  • Gaststätte Kraftstoff 
  • HappyHappyDingDong
  • Marlene bar 


Here are three fun parks in Dortmund 

  •  Rombergpark
  • Fredenbaumpark
  • Blücherpark


Dusseldorf is a popular place in Germany where you can find hot German women to make your choice from at restaurants, parks, and bars. Here are some of our choicest picks for you. 


Here are some of the most excellent restaurants in Dusseldorf:

  • Sushi Kaiser
  • Mamalito casanova 
  • Pigage


Some excellent bars to stop by in Dusseldorf include:

  • Elephant Bar
  • Brauerei Ferdinand Schumacher
  • Squarebar 


Here are some of the coolest parks in Dusseldorf 

  • Rheinwiesen (Rhine meadows)
  • Schloss Benrath 
  • Rheinpark Golzheim 
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Where To Meet German Women Online?

Local women are easy to find on German mail-order brides’ sites. You can always meet German women of different shapes, interests, beliefs, etc., on these sites and chat with whoever wants to until you find the perfect girl. In addition, if you sign up for the premium packages that these sites offer, you can get a chance to send gifts to the women you like to sweeten up the deal more.

These German mail-order brides’ platforms facilitate texting and video communication with German women. You can even plan to bring the ideal German girl to your country from the site or move on if things don’t work. The simple nature of these sites increases your odds of meeting a German lady you like, especially if you are shy. 

How To Impress a German Woman 

Before you start dating a German woman, you must first impress them and see how you can get through that ‘cold’ heart of theirs to reach the inner girl and get them to want you. 

Work out and keep in shape 

Most German women are not overweight, so do not expect them to settle for a man who does not look like he hits the gym now and then. Instead, they keep their bodies slim and desirable and expect the same from the desirer. 

Wear nice clothes 

German women dress for comfort and do not necessarily care about fashion, but that does not mean they will settle for a man who does not dress well. They may not want to impress you with their style, but the irony is that they want you to impress them with your look. 

Wear good perfumes 

A potential lover’s fragrance is a big deal in the German dating scene; German women expect the men coming for them to smell nice. So if you have been touring all day and smell like sweat and German markets, ensure you hit the shower and get some fresh smell before you meet German women. 

Dating A German Girl: 3 tips 

Are you ready to start dating German women? Here are three tips that can make it easy for you to date a German woman.

Listen when they speak 

German women do not like to be talked over or disregarded. Therefore, when they speak with you about something they do not like, they expect you to listen and handle the issue with maturity and respect for their feelings. If you keep ignoring the concerns of your German girlfriend, she will never marry you. 

Buy them small, thoughtful gifts

German women are not after your money, but they expect you to think about them enough to give them a gift or two when you come to see them. The gift does not have to be expensive, but it must be thoughtful. For example, you can bring them something that reminds you of your home, it will come off as sentimental to you, and they will appreciate it. 

Seek to increase their knowledge 

When dating a German girl, you often find her trying to learn more things with every conversation. Capitalize on her need for knowledge and find resources related to what she is trying to learn. It could be a random google link, but it will mean so much to her. 

What To Avoid When Dating A German Woman

When dating German girls, there are a few things you must avoid if you want to get them to marry you, and here are three of them:


German women will be very honest with you throughout your relationship, and they expect the same courtesy from you, so ensure that you do not take that for granted if you want to keep the relationship. 

Mundane conversations

Conversations for German women are more than ‘small talk’; they want to share knowledge and learn from you. So if you only want to have mundane discussions, you will bore them. And avoid you because you are seemingly not adding anything to their lives. 

Marrying A German Woman: 2 Customs 

Here are some essential customs you must learn about if you want to enjoy your wedding with your German girl. 

Breaking the porcelain 

Breaking the porcelain is also known as polterabend; this custom involves the family, friends, and guests going outside the bride’s home after the wedding ceremony to break porcelain plates and cups. Many Germans have yet to learn the exact origin of this custom. Still, they engage in it for two reasons: to chase away evil spirits and to show the couple how to work together, as they will be the ones to clear out the shards. 

Sawing ceremony 

The family gives the bride and groom a piece of dry log and an ax that they can hold together. Then, they will cut the wood together to show they can work together as a couple. Don’t worry; the wood is usually a tiny piece that is easy to break, and no one wants to overwork the new couple. 


How to know if a german girl likes you?

German women are not very warm around men typically. But if they like you, you will feel their warmth. They will be willing to talk to you and be in your presence instead of just observing you from a distance. A German woman who likes you also wants to talk to you all the time; she wants to share her knowledge with you and have you share yours. 

Are German women good in bed?

A German woman’s conservativeness ends at the door of her house. The moment she is with a man she likes indoors and has gotten past the wall of stoicism, she becomes what you would describe as a ‘freak in the sheets.’ Nevertheless, she takes the initiative, seeks ways to please her man, and has a lot of tricks that would blow your mind. 

What are the gender roles in Germany?

With a 68.6 score on the gender equality test, Germany is one of the countries with the highest equality level in the world. There are no gender roles in Germany; every family member comes together to ensure that the family thrives and works well for everyone. Instead of assigning gender roles, everyone shares an equal part in making sure the family is okay. 

What is the birthrate in Germany? 

Over time, the birth rate in Germany has hit a decline that seems concerning to the authorities. The country has a low birth rate of 1.53 births per woman. Some parts of Germany are open to migrants due to the population crisis arising from the low birth rate. 

Are German girls religious?

Germany is multi-religious, with Christianity taking the highest percentage at 57.2%. Islam has 3.5%, and a few unknown small quotas remain scattered across different religions. However, the country also has a high percentage of irreligious people, with the figure at 42.0%.

Are German women materialistic?

German women are not interested in a man’s money. The women are educated and hardworking and often make their own money. So, they expect their suitors to have intellectual substance, some good ‘rizz’, and aren’t overly dependent on their finances. This expectation is part of why many men who are used to dating materialistic women struggle to woo German women successfully. 

Are German girls friendly to foreigners? 

Women in Germany are indifferent when it comes to foreigners. They do not like or hate them; they simply leave them to prove themselves instead of dealing with the drama of being established wrong on any scale. So they take you at face value and believe whatever you bring. 

Will a German woman cheat on you?

Women in Germany are not so interested in the idea of men that they would go through the trouble of cheating with the ones they broke down all their walls for. A German woman stays faithful to her husband no matter what the issue is. They see marriage as forever and take relationships more seriously than most.

Are German girls promiscuous?

Women in Germany are on the traditionalist side and do not have the time or the emotional availability to jump from one man to the other. So when they find a man they like enough to be liberal, they stick with him. The women of Germany do not want the stain of promiscuity attached to them in any shape or form.

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